Jun 1, 2018



Howdy.  As the torrential rains pounded the roof, I started tearing up the craft room.  Soon to be a sewing room only.  I am removing all the other items and came across this vintage flower frog.  If any of you collect them and would like this Magic Kenzan, I'm selling it.
The paper with it is very aged, there is no date or any other info on it except for Koken Mfg.  I've searched online for a time period but except for a few photos on Pinterest, there aren't many out there.  Pretty hefty, the links can be separated and positioned.  Comes in a little plastic case.
Price is $25 includes shipping to US, email me at top right if interested. or click
About the new privacy notices... oy vey.
I have no idea if we all need to post something or what.  I have an older template and the notice does not show (or at least I cannot see it).  If we don't advertise or sell ads, is it still necessary?  I also see that Open ID is not supported for leaving comments. 
Nit is glad he doesn't have a laptop and is inside during the storm.  One clap of thunder and a black streak with white feet comes flying in from the woods.

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Truus said...

How cute Nit is sleeping on that chair.
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

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