Jun 7, 2018

All done

Sam came back today after two weeks to finish the trim and he did a beautiful job.  What a joy to not have to follow someone and check their work.
I could not wait to see what the stain color will look like so I did one coat on the window trim.  Haven't painted the window sashes yet, just the frames, and I may leave it alone.  This color is dark but soft, like a charcoal brown.  Looking at the old stain around it, the clapboards turned a bluish gray.  I think I will be happy with this.  I WILL be HAPPY with this.
Just wanted to mention a few things if you are considering the Andersen A series windows.  The interior is wonderful, the grilles are not.  My other Andersen had a spring ball on the ends of each bar that slipped into a little hole in the sash.  Perfect.  Someone came up with the idiotic idea to install metal clips that CANNOT be removed and have the grilles snap into them.  Are you kidding me?  I have already sliced two fingers trying to wash a window with these thin metal clips all around the glass. 

 You cannot paint them to match the bars since you can't remove them so from the outside, they look ridiculous.  The glass is also tinted green for LowE efficiency and naturally, my curtains look pukey green from the outside. 
In order for the bars to not look green, since red removes green I custom mixed a little paint for them.  Take a look at the actual color and that same color behind the glass.  What would you do with white windows and bars?  Sam couldn't believe that they need to be light purple to show as brown through that glass. And why do you not see the clip in this photo?  Because I painted card stock with the purple paint, cut pieces to cover the clips and slid it behind them. 
It's appropriate to show you my swollen painful fingers over a bear claw design isn't it?  Oh boy.  My feet are smooth from the Baby Foot treatment but my hands sure don't match them!
Now comes the dreaded interior color fiasco.  I love the colonial colors but have decided to go very light.  So far, too yellow, too green, too pink, too gray.  The usual.  I want wainscot and paneling, Sam will come back. 
 Even if I knew the colors used in these rooms, the paint would never look the same because of the computer.  But I like the look. 
Will I tire of it quickly and be sorry I didn't chose a colonial color?
I already am and I didn't even pick a color yet!  Why do I have this problem?  The rooms are so small I don't think doing each a different color would be a good idea, and I don't like an ivory room next to a dark one.
 I need help!  But honestly, what good would it do?  Whatever I choose, I will want the opposite, and choosing the opposite in the beginning never works. 
My laptop battery is dead and it took me many hours of research to decide which to order.  I didn't trust the "new" branded ones on Ebay and Amazon because I read they have new cells installed in old housing, not good quality to hold a charge for hours.  Didn't want to pay $100 either.  It took me four days to make a decision and it's only a battery!!  I need counseling.
So there you have it.  Another boring post.  I haven't stitched in a while and hope to start something soon.  Will I be able to hold the needle with these fingers?  We shall see.

Hope the week is going well for you.
Thanks for visiting.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Just thought I’d mention... I’ve been an every day stitcher for a few years, but didn’t stitch for about three weeks due to packing and moving. Probably the combination, but believe the stitching helps keep the arthritic fingers more nimble. At least that’s my story! I like the last color for your home. Could you stand the cream for ceiling and trim?

arcadia said...

Can't help for the colours, as long as my home is SO dark and weirdly arranged that white is always THE option to choose (the only reason I have dark furniture is that I have no money so everything is recycled) but for the laptop battery I am as lost as you are, it's a shame they are so expensive !

celkalee said...

Same hands here, sorry to say. I picked up one of those hot wax hand dipper things a few years ago. Can't remember the name for the life of me right now, another thing that comes and goes! That said, colors are too, too hard to commit to, I agree. I have ended up with off-whites, creams and light gray-greenish color for lack of desire to commit. The gray green was not my choice but it is OK. Good luck with all that! Window finishing looks good.

Sweet Sue said...

that long built-in is swoon-worthy, i'd do without plenty to look at that everyday...

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! I hope the swelling (and pain) in your hands subsides quickly!
You are 110% correct to be cautious of anything on Amazon... my recent experience is with the PUR brand replacement filters for the faucet...I thought I was getting a good price on the brand name filters....turns out I was getting ripped off by a knock-off! The box and packaging looked authentic...but, the filters were "generic"... I just compared what I purchased from Target last night...to the one I took out of the faucet (that was purchased from Amazon)...so, yes...be VERY cautious as to what you purchase from Amazon...

moosecraft said...

Oh...and I LOVE that built in bookshelf pic! I always wanted a house with built-in bookshelves! That pic is now in my Pinterest for when I get some ambition! :-)

Carol said...

The window trim you did looks great, Marly! And hang in there--I know you will pick the "perfect for you" colors because you are just so thorough in researching/testing out different options. Paint colors are so very hard--I'm in the process of redoing our upstairs bedroom colors now and it is exhausting. And then the downstairs will be next. I might finish by the time I'm 80 :)

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