Jun 18, 2018


Unexpected tiny flowers on an unknown plant.

A toad looking for relief in the unbearable heat.  I gently hosed him off with cool water.

With thunderstorms looming, the staining is happening.  Depending on weather they will finish tomorrow.

Disassembling and cleaning the pain in the ass outdoor onion lights.  Soon to be on Craig's List as I locate a new style.  Great on a lighter house, not too noticeable on ours.

And Mark used the old windows' cedar trim to make a really nice bench, enough left for another one or small table.  The palm sander did a fine job removing the old finish and smoothing the wood.  Sam was impressed that we had very little waste for removal.

What's happening at your place?



marly said...

Not all the comments came through from the last post. Is Google mad we found a way around the problem?

Robin in Virginia said...

Great looking bench, Marly! The unknown plant looks very healthy and its blooms are lovely. Poor Mr. Toad! Glad you watered him!

Vera said...

Love the bench! And that's a very pretty flower...hoping someone comments with the name. We usually have some toads around, but we haven't seen any yet this year (despite all the rain).

Vickie said...

That looks like a sedum to me. I actually miss our toads from the house!! Yes, I noticed the comments did not all come through for me. I just check my comments section. Pain in the rumpus!!! Love the bench!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great bench!

Heritage Hall said...

Flowers/foliage beautiful... Would love to barrel some of those..
Bless you for refreshing Mr. Toad.
Great bench work and salvaging job.
Love those onion lamps...Could use one or two.

Anonymous said...

Hi - the plant is sedum. I have it in my garden.


Merry Wind Farm said...

Love seeing your whole house instead of just the door. I have always wanted to see it. It is beautiful! Love the bench, and have to laugh at the Tidy Cat bucket in the front yard:)

Barb said...

I have onion lights too. They are a pain to clean!

Truus said...

Love your house -its beautiful.
Cann't you paint the lights so it will match to your house. The bench is great and with a table a nice place to sit and eat or doing some stitches.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Mary said...

Love that bench, Mark you are so very talented. My grandchildren in NH have a visiting toad ( so far for the last two years) named Mr Applebee. He even has his own little toad house.

C M Designs said...

Love the bench that Mark made. Very nice !
Need to get my palm sander out and put it to use on my porch swing.
Bless you for watering the poor little toad.
Am feeding my birds bread crumbs....no seed. They love the crumbs.
Have two bird baths for them to use. The water was muddy yesterday.
Gave them fresh water.......black birds use the bath more than the little ones.
Stay cool and hydrated.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

The plant with the little pink flowers is cordifolia, a ground cover. It is quite a beautiful little plant.

Margaret said...

Nice bench! I bet the toad is very grateful to you. I'm hoping the weather cools down (which it has) and stays cooler rather than warmer.

Maryann Olsaver said...

Love the bench 🙂

Carol said...

Wow! Mark's bench looks fabulous--you two are quite a team!

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