Jun 17, 2018

The berry

Greetings people!  A hot one on tap today.  Mark came down with something last night, not sure what, so I may have someone pick up the birthday cake and stay away from my sister.  Just in case.  The little ones bring in colds and coughs but that's not what this is.  Only question right now .... how big of a chunk should I leave here?  Someone needs to smack me silly to stop this weight gain from continuing.  I did it before, why can't I do it again?  Maybe the house project decisions are keeping me unsettled.  Decades ago, cigarettes were grabbed by a skinny woman during such times.  Then the switch came!
 This photo is from Pinterest (of course) and I did some research to find the designer and release date.  Back in 2010, this was the Strawberry Hill chart released from By The Bay Needleart.  It's not a Santa or a sampler, but that berry caught my eye.  Isn't it adorable?  They also show this scissor fob on their blog, this page. 
While the house is quiet, I plan to step away from figuring wainscot and paint (second guessing already) and pull out a small piece.  Maybe a freebie or maybe a sampler.  I still have several very large charts on my mind but now is not the time.  Will it ever be for me again?
Have a berry nice day!



marly said...

A tip on how to stop eating chocolate. Don't buy it.

Mary said...

I am agreeing with you keep away from little ones, they are such germy creatures. I purchased a Quaker patten for a strawberry to do. I have never done one so this should be fun. That strawberry strawberry is so darn cute! Sometimes you just need to do a small. Enjoy you little rest from manual labor.

Krissy B. said...

This strawberry is really fun. I hope Mark feels better quickly. Try to stay cool.

kelley said...

Love the little berry...sure wishing we could get our passion back for working on large projects...I've been hooking some smalls and that goes well...just that the heart is not in it any more...hmmm...not buy chocolate...if I do that then I eat everything else in the house!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Hubby sick on Father’s Day? That’s not good.
Love the strawberry - strawberries and chocolate - perfect.
Hope Mark feels better quickly.

Maryann Olsaver said...

Love that little strawberry! Hope Mark feels better soon.

Barb said...

Hope Mark gets well soon. Summer stuff is the worst! I do love that little strawberry. I am trying to get up the courage to try making one!

C M Designs said...

Love the strawberry/strawberry.......so cute.
Am sorry about the baby birds. Have seen Poppa or Momma wren still going in our bird house.......hope the babies can get out of that one.
I love my swing, too, in this weather or just staying inside is nice also.
I hope Mark is feeling better now.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Martha L said...

Take care of yourself...it might do you good to stitch a small. It always makes me feel better. I am not usually a lover of the berries but this one is super cute. I love the little seed bead berries!

Unknown said...

Love the strawberry. I really wish I could stitch the higher counts. I'm getting better but the eyes are getting older at the same time :( There's only one way to "not eat". Keep it out of the house. Then you only have to say "no" once instead of a thousand times. And changing the "should" to "want" when it comes to my own weight struggle and it's working. That, and being accountable to the Weight Watcher's scale now that I'm at goal. Try to stay cool!

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