Jun 2, 2018


During the craft room elimination I came across the 5x7 mache journals, and wondered if I should print a few sampler labels before I delete those files.  No.  At the same time I found a hoard of scrapbooking papers, the majority of which went to flame.  I kept some for the few boxes I have left but thought they might work nicely on the journals.  But as always, the paper mache warps when adding glue.  I don't trust Modge Podge but may try that instead.  I have at least 10 sets but doubt the only local shop will take them.
 I've seen some really shoddy work being consigned (when we actually had shops) and I am probably being too damn fusspotty.   If I offer them for sale here, the shipping alone would be close to $5.  This is why craft room elimination rarely works.  We see something and find another possible use instead of just adding it to the pile.
See how the cover curls up?  That bugs me.  Yes, I have issues with things I make to sell.
 I also found the large set of tall rounds which I had my stitched samplers on at one time along with a few labels inside so I may paint those and offer them.  Another fire is always the quickest and most decisive manner of removal though.  There is one pile for Goodwill, a pile for doubt, a pile for keeping, and a pile for "one day".  Over and done in a bright orange flash is sometimes the best method for indecisive people.
I hope your weekend goes well.  Mr. six foot level never returned so my room contents are still piled in heaps waiting for the inside trim to be finished.  I think I will take it all upstairs to one room and sort it out later.  The painter that promised a start, is now delaying us into mid June.  You cannot stain a dark wood in the summer with full sun.  I'm not happy.  But crabasses should not be if they want to keep their status.
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Carol Sferra said...

Haaaa....love the last sentence!!!

Margaret said...

It seems any work done in one's house is never done when promised. Such a pain.

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