Jun 20, 2018

On a roll

Decision!!!  Urban Putty (Sherwin Williams) for the largest room which will have higher wainscot.  Just a little darker than the walls, very neutral, I want the wood to stand out without taking over the room.

The old dining room (very small) will be Bleeker Beige (a Benjamin  Moore color mixed by Sherwin Williams), the color on the top left.

And a little darker Windsor Greige (Sherwin Williams color on the top right) for the parlor trim.  All walls will be the same Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground #7568 but in Behr Marquee.
Neutral, light, still colonial, but could be farmhouse or anything else.
Except for the wall color, all were mixed by Sherwin Williams in satin finish.  I prefer Marquee from Behr but their interpretation of these colors was too yellowish and darker.
Happy dance.
To prove how nuts I am about moulding and color, when Rose was running through the ship screaming for Jack, most people were focused on the rushing water and perilous situation.  I was admiring the moulding and paint on the walls. 
I couldn't wait for another scene in the first class passengers' hallway.
Sam would be able to recreate this look with perfection as would his brother.   Without caulking!
Have a good one.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I love your color choices and look forward to seeing them on walls and wainscot.

diamondc said...

Okay Marly: I am one that noticed the woodwork the lighting fixtures the carpeting and all the wonderful decorating, you my dear are not alone.
I love your color choices.


Barb said...

Ok, I am glad to hear there is another person who would have looked at the moldings!!! Good color choices. We are doing the exterior. My house looks like it has chicken pox right now, but a woman has to be sure!

Maryann Olsaver said...

Your color choices are wonderful Marly!

Carol said...

Oh, those color choices will be beautiful in your home, Marly! You have such a great eye for color :)

Christine said...

I'm always obcessed with things other then the story in movies. Basic Instinct - all the art in the Sharon Stone character's home. Home Alone - the kitchen. The Village - the shawls and other items the women were knitting. Must Love Dogs - the bungalow she lived in.

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