Jun 21, 2018


Hello folks!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and greetings.  There were 82 entries in all, just as many emails as comments.  After my arthritic fingers typed in all those names, scrambled and numbered, Diane Dotsko was the name matched to the number chosen.  She entered by email so I can notify her directly.  Thanks everyone!  I was surprised at the number of entries, maybe I should make a few more boxes!
I plan to take it easy tomorrow.  The staining is completed, now to put the deck back in order and replant a few flowers that were slightly damaged.   Window interiors need painted but I plan to take a few days to myself.  No more running back and forth for paint samples and painting test boards.  We did have to make several more trips to Sherwin Williams, though.  The original estimate we were told of 13 gallons ended up being 23!!

Thanks again for participating in the offer.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Truus said...

Congratulations to Diana
Take some time to take a rest and enjoy your beautiful house
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

Maryann Olsaver said...

Put your feet up and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Leslie Alexander said...

Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy belated birthday.

debbie haggard said...

Hooray for Diane! have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

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