Jul 11, 2018

A big part

of the recent stress has been Nitzy.  He has been going downhill for a week, not wanting to eat, drinking very little, not using the litter box.  He is lethargic enough for me to grab him which I did yesterday and he has been sleeping on the sofa ever since. 

He will allow me to pet him and he'll stretch and purr, no areas are tender at all but he seems to be uncomfortable in certain positions and walking.  He is very thin and stayed around the deck for a few days, I grabbed him several days ago but I didn't know he was sleeping in the litter box right by the door, and he escaped when I came in.  Now that we have him again I got my brother's carrier and called all the local vets.  Friday we will take him in, nothing sooner.  I bought chicken and turkey baby food, he ate half a jar.  He has had conjunctivitis for a few weeks.  Mobile vet has openings next mid-week.  Might be able to squeeze him in tomorrow to a vet very close (less carrier trauma) but she wants $45 for the workup and $150 for an exam, then rabies and other shots before treatment.  They said all told, close to $400 before diagnosis depending on blood work.  Mark thinks there is some improvement this morning.
The other stress is the stupid fricking paint.  I chose the color and bought the paint, started doing a wall and it's pinky peach.  The sample jar was not.  I think especially in lights, the increments of tint are so minuscule that breaking them down for a half pint may not be possible, so they are left out.  Then I compared the large sample chip to the smaller one in the Whites leaflet and there it was.  This color was very peachy in the booklet, but a different shade on the larger.  Back to White Dove, very very light, but neutral.
Here's Farrow and Ball's Shadow White wall and Drop Cloth trim.  Ohhhhhhhh baby.
Sam informed us that he can't come back for some time so we bought what I call a poom poom.  Air compressor nailer.  It will help a great deal when we are screaming at each other as the wainscot goes up.  They are quite loud and will hopefully come on at the same time the obscenities are hurled. 
I noticed my sister is having difficulty breathing again (bonehead will not go to the doc) and my cousin with dementia in MN had Hospice called in.  My cousin in CA that is left side paralyzed from a massive stroke developed a large clot in the groin and was successfully treated, still in rehab for a few more weeks.  Even on "blood thinners" it happened and the dose she is on now is very dangerous.
Hope the week is going well for you!


C M Designs said...

So sorry you're going through so much stress.
I don't know why the Vet would want to give Nitzy the rabies shot and others if he's not well. Our former kitties used to love the baby food chicken, we found the turkey too strong.....made them sick.
My daughter had a Vet bill for our two of almost $400.00 a few Saturdays ago.
I hope Nitzy will improve.........poor baby.
Family matters can do a number on the ones who are the care givers and helpers.
Would love to have our home painted inside.........don't see that happening any time soon.
Take care.
Thinking of you !

Heritage Hall said...

Ah, if only the paint samples were your only concern, I think you
might "enjoy" the process. Hoping the Family matters get ironed out
and that you are able to eventually take them in your stride. May Nitzy
rally and recover...bless you for your care.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let the vet give him a rabies shot until he is better. He has enough trouble right now. I'm taking a feral cat to the vet tomorrow because he has a terrible cold. It's getting better since has been living in my house for a week, but he still has bowel issues and a hard time breathing. I'm not letting her give him any shots until the cold is cleared up. Bad enough I'm giving him stuff for ear mites. Vets are crazy with their prices too...$400.00 before they even look at him, CRAZY! Best of luck with Nitzy, I pray he gets better.

Barb said...

Poor Nitzy! He is so lucky to have you caring for him. I am very allergic to cats and even dogs so the only good thing about that is no vet bills. Of course my two kids make up for lots of animals!! Take care! Paint can be a huge pain. My DH has gotten the idea of painting large poster boards and we move them around in different lights. Lighting has changed my pretty sage green house to gray in certain light!!

Carol said...

You sure have a lot going on in your life to cause you stress. Any one of those things would be enough for me--combine them and it's amazing you can see straight. I'm so sorry Nitzy is declining--how old do you think he is? My cat did the same thing when he developed a tumor in his intestines.

I hate picking paint and it is something I keep putting off. Actually your peachy pink color might work in my family room as our new beige couches have more of a peach shade than I anticipated :( Nothing I can do about them so I may just have to get a pain shade that works. What is the name of it, Marly? I just keep procrastinating and our family room hasn't been painted in 22 years! It's way past time...

Mary A said...

Marly you certainly have reason to be stressed! Place all these things in God's hands since you have no power over most of them. We can only do our best. You have been good to Nitzy and I have very high standards for cat care since I have 5. Wishing calm and peace for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope things take a turn for the better - soon!

Anonymous said...

It is so awful when cats don't feel well, so hard to figure it out. Even the vets don't know most of the time. I hope he gets better, I'm sorry he is not well. I've been through it too many times.

Mary said...

Sorry about Nitzy. Cats can be so annoying. The end of March my cat Otto was hiding and drooling and crying when i picked him up. Yes it was a Sunday so off the emergence Vet we go. They found nothing FUO ( fever of unknown origin 105) put on antibiotics and appetite stimulator. $ 600. I thought not bad. Well Monday no better still not eating and ADR ( another vet term means Ain't doing right). My vet would not see him said to go back to Emg. By the way after 51 years at this Vet ( they changed hands) not going back. After two days and 1200 + dollars I spend two more days feeding him what I call cat food slurry watered down food in a syringe. Then he started eating Sheba sticks, wonderful things. So a week later he was fine! I remembered he was like this in 2012 and was treated with fluids and antibiotic ( Vet before change). So cats can be annoying! What can you do...cats rule.

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