Jul 9, 2018

The tiny berry

Hi stitching buds.  Things around here have been .... well .... kind of stressed for a number of reasons.  But I did manage to stitch the little berry from Pineberry Lane's Petite Stitches free designs. 
I used 32 count instead of the recommended 36 so it wouldn't be as small but holy bull balls it's still tiny!  In keeping with my bad habit I changed the chart slightly. Do I take a chance that my fat crooked painful fingers will be nimble enough to construct this 1-1/2" design into the tiny whatever you call it?  Sweet little berry on a ribbon? 
Ms Peppercorn was kind enough to leave the Pinterest link for these free designs.
Budman was keeping his cool.  He and I are both having weight issues.
Hope your week goes swell.
Thanks for visiting.


Trudy said...

Love your little berry and thanks for the link.
A beatiful plant you have outside in the baket.
Take care and have a great day
Greetings, Trudy from Holland

Vickie said...

Love your bucket. And your berry! Bud is one big boy!!

Sandy Quarles said...

Thanks for the link to the free design. Hope whatever is giving you so much stress clears up or goes away soon.

Vera said...

Love your tiny berry! And Bud!!!

Mary A said...

Budman is not having weight issues! He's just fluffy! I can't tell about you since I haven't seen a picture of you but I'm sure I'd be charmed. Love the free designs!

deb said...

Tell Bud he can join my Harley on a treadmill - I'm sure he'd cooperate just as much as she does. The berry looks great (have you finished it into something by this time?) and I love the plant you have in the bucket - always enjoy your outdoor pictures since you have such a talent for putting these things together.

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