Jul 14, 2018

The checklist

We all have them.  Mine are rarely reduced.  But this year, oh baby.  Finally have the windows and siding done which was a huge bucket dripping over my head.  I finally made a decision to stay with wood rather than composite for the front deck and to not wait for Sam.
Stain color for it is also chosen although it will be months before the wood will be ready for it.  Decided to scrap the landscaper's ideas for my own and have that in place.  They of course prefer lush and attractive whereas my taste is plain and simple. 
Decided on the style of wainscot and minor trim changes.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  What?  That's right.  CHOSE A WALL PAINT COLOR.  Well, basically I gave up.  It's such a waste of time because until the entire room is painted and all other old colors are covered, the casts and undertones you see are sometimes caused by comparison/reflection.  I knew I didn't want a yellow cast but all others seemed pink.  I found Valspar's Promenade to be very neutral, and also BM's White Dove which was the winner. Lighter than I wanted but so what?  Another waste of time to try these samples for trim work until the walls are done. 
The Brazilian cherry rocker I was lucky enough to purchase many years ago was finally coated in Danish Oil for protection and it looks wonderful.
And of course, Nitzy was apprehended for a vet visit.  Quite a few tasks and decisions checked off my list this summer.
So I'm sitting on the swing this morning while Mark enjoys breakfast at the Italian Home club, and looking at the crow with his empty bucket.  Haven't had rain in over a week and he's patiently waiting for a fill. 
The loon hasn't had any exercise in that same time and is waiting for a breeze so he can enjoy a spin.  Nineties today and seventies overnight may bring a stray storm and both could get their wish. 
Now maybe I can settle myself and stop gorging on chocolate and junk food.  My wings can't spin because of my shoulder (which is improving) and my ankles have never fully recovered from the double sprains, but I must start doing some form of exercise other than moving my lips.  The sweat fest after the wood burning didn't cause a pound to drop because of all the fluids I had to take for replenishing.  But in time, I will lose.  Not quick enough for my summer pants to fit, but that's OK.  It's almost over!  Can't believe mid-July is here and before too long, summer will be gone.  As long as I'm still here to enjoy it next year.  As I get older, that seems to be more important.
Enjoy your weekend!
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Anonymous said...

I love what you're doing with your beautiful home! I, too, am partial to real wood and not composite for a deck. Here, the sun is so strong that it leaves marks and shadows with composite, so real wood is what we will use as we replace our existing deck...

Rugs and Pugs said...

You sure have crossed many things off your to do list! Yeah for you.
I agree that it is hard to believe it is mid-July. The crickets have been chirping for quite some time. I don't like hearing them because it signals (at least to me) that summer will all to quickly pass.
I do hope we get some rain, too! I hate the time and expense of watering.

C M Designs said...

Your lawn, flowers, chair and lawn art is beautiful. Am happy for you that you've gotten so much accomplished this summer.
Never thought about the crickets and summer passing. I'm ready for it to go.........
Have a beautiful Sunday.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

Whe we rebuilt our side porch everyone was about composites. We went to look and one of the pieces ( composite) had a huge chunk out of it! We went back to our original selection fir, very happy we are too. Your siding color is perfect, I am a fan of all the same color house and dark too.

deb said...

Congratulations on all the decisions and on all the check marks/exes/line throughs!

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