Jul 15, 2018

Blending styles

Guess who needs a doctor right away?  Budman.  His sneezing and coughing Friday led to horrible eye issues and malaise.  I hope the doctor will have an opening tomorrow.  Missy will probably be next and she is the nastiest of all.

While looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across a link to a wonderful farmhouse blog,
Liz Marie.  Her husband is a veteran and they have a spectacular farmhouse in Michigan.  When you visit her site, you must scroll down and there will be posts to click on with resources and inspiration.  Many posts.  Just keep clicking "next page" and you can stay busy for hours.
Another that I haven't had time to fully investigate is Thistlewood FarmsBless'er House has a lot to see and this link shows the before and after of her colonial made fresh but not actually farmhouse.  When there are so many distracting ads I go elsewhere, and many decorating blogs are loaded with them making it hard to navigate.  Most have the subject pages listed under the header and that helps.  Pinterest is still a great source but most times it's only a photo with no information, and I enjoy reading a post about colors and sources.
There was a message in reading some of the sites and that is, just because it is a trend and you like it, does not mean you can live with it.  Don't steer too far away from the style that melts your heart.  Adapt, refresh, maybe lighten, but keep the core of what you love.  Not easy, but neither is getting the entire look when you mix in comfortable upholstered pieces.  Just painting walls white will not allow for the look we see when browsing online, it's much more than that.   I don't want farmhouse, I want lighter, cleaner, austere, a little colonial a little primitive, a lot less clutter.  But viewing these farmhouse style sites gives me ideas and inspiration for rooms that can be adapted and used for either style. 
Mid nineties today, should finish the front deck.
Have a good day!


Ginny said...

I agree - the sheer number of ads on some blogs makes it nearly impossible to read the posts. I realize the bloggers want to make money, but if people navigate away from the site due to ads they are just shooting themselves in the foot. Thanks for the links; I’m going to check them out.

kelley said...

I so agree with incorporating lighter colors with the look and style you love...I love the look of Farmhouse but am sticking with my prim hooked and quilted pieces...oh, the cats...I am so sorry to hear of another under the weather baby...it is so tough on them to go to the vet...unlike people who know what's going on and try to take care of themselves in spite of all the medical errors and just plain rudeness on the part of some office staff... you're going outside again in this weather?! I am staying in the house alternating chores with hooking...

C M Designs said...

I hope Budman and Missy will be okay..........Nitzy too.
Want to check on the blogs you mentioned.
Take care, stay cool.
Charlotte in Va.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hope your kitties will soon be feeling better. The heat is miserable for two and four legged creatures! Some of the folks I find inspiring...and you probably are already familiar with them...Gloria Oviatt...Nancy Fishelson...Tricia Foley...and, of course, Nora Murphy. You can find all of them on Pinterest. I'm ready for a change, too.

The Eveningstitcher said...

I follow Liz on Instagram...and her home is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'll have to check out the other blogs...not that I don't have enough to do...thanks Marly...:-(

JustGail said...

I've quit reading some blogs because they became all about the selling. I don't mind ads as long as they aren't taking up most of the page, pop up repeatedly as you scroll through, auto-play, etc.

Wishing Budman a fast trip to the vet. If is being passed between them, I wonder if they'd give you medicine for Missy at the same time as a preventative measure, instead of waiting until she's a sneezy coughy mess?

~mj~ said...

Please keep us updated on the fur babies!!
Do you have band-Aids?

debbie haggard said...

sending continued get-well wishes to the kitties and hoping Missy can avoid catching it- for your sake and hers!

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