Aug 11, 2018

Leftover Ativan

Hi folks.  Made it through the hardest parts with a few pills to spare.  I'm sure I will need them again.  Carole has been through many tests and they are stumped to find the cause of breathlessness.  We waited two days for the final CT results after they suspected lung disease, but they found none.  Whew!  Her lymphatic system has been compromised for many years because of destroyed channels, one leg from the ankle down, the other from below the knee.  Her legs are now huge, hard, and after massive Lasix doses, no change.  This fluid is probably throughout and may be what is causing the pressure.  Trying to talk is like having a blood pressure cuff inflated around her chest.  We have no lymphologist here, she will be getting manual manipulation to move the fluid from someone local though.  When is a good question.  Decades ago she was treated at Cleveland Clinic, but getting her back there now will not be easy, unless this exaggerated episode will not resolve.  Once the stones are out and antibiotics for the sepsis are done, the fluid will slowly dissipate.  Hopefully.  Her last surgery to remove the stones and stent will be end of this week.  It looks like the last month of summer will be over about the same time she recovers. 

Today is sausage Saturday.  Lots of Golden Daggers from the garden will be stuffed today and put in the freezer.  I cook the stuffing but not the peppers because freezing softens them.  From the freezer, cover with spaghetti sauce, into the oven.  My Italian sausage is always in large clumps making it hard to stuff so I threw the cooked meat into the processor and after a few pulses, perfect.  Ready for rice and eggs.

Now that I am finally settling down a little, I plan to check the linen drawer and start Barrick's sweet little design. 
The Stitching Girls are another option but this design has fewer color changes and I'm looking for something easy.
I think the Girls will be finished in a long rectangle for hanging, or maybe even smaller for a fob.  You know I am always changing something.
This evening after a hospital visit, Mark will take me for a ride in the county with an iced coffee. 
Hope your weekend will be a good one.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sorry to hear Carole is still have so many issues. I will keep her in my prayers.
Nice to hear that you are ready to stitch!
Hard to believe summer is ending. Makes me very sad 😪

Robin in Virginia said...

Marly, I am glad things are settling down even though Carole continues to struggle with her breathing and fluid retention. Thinking of you!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Sending good thoughts your way. A ride in the country ...with coffee...sounds like a nice respite.
Take good care,

Google my friend Mayanne Downs...The Florida Bar Journal...and read about her miraculous survival after her battle with sepsis.

Margaret said...

All the good thoughts and prayers coming your way. So sorry Carole is still in such bad shape. :( Glad you are going for some stitching. I hope it soothes your soul.

C M Designs said...

I'm so happy about the ride in the country and the iced coffee !
Enjoy !
Praying for Carole.
Charlotte in Va.

Kimm Moore said...

May your days and the days of those you love get easier as we move from summer to fall.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your ride. Hoping for the best for Carole

Monica said...

I would check some of the Physical Therapy clinics in your area. There may be some Lymphadema specialists. They would have a “CLT” after their credentials

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