Sep 23, 2018


How's your weekend going?  Chilly?  The brats are good indicators of seasonal changes.  Cuddling in a box is definitely the start of cool weather.  It must be cat mating season because I have new strays and others gathering in the woods.  I didn't realize that spaying does not stop the spring and fall fight clubs.  I have found it easy to order their foods through and pick up in the store.  Now I don't have to wait for stock or search when they change the store inventory.  They LOVE Whiskas Meaty Selections, no longer carried in store and out of stock online, so we online order at PetSmart, same day pickup,  $17.99 in store, $13.00 online.  Order, they pull it off the shelf, you pick it up, and it's $5 cheaper than taking it off the shelf yourself.  Found this to be true with many items.
Yesterday I removed the dry wall and metal corner beads from the doorways where wood trim will be installed.  What a mess.  The furnace was not running and no windows were open to disperse the dust but that fine white gypsum and talc makes it way throughout the house.  The stitchery was not in the area but I should have removed it all beforehand regardless.  So this morning it was like an Easter egg hunt trying to locate the smalls that were still left out, and this afternoon all the wall items will be moved to the overflow room upstairs. 
I guess I have enough combined to make a large sampler wall display but not sure if I will, if I want to, or what room it should be.  Still wondering if I should have the fringed and free pieces framed.  If a sampler wall will be a feature, I don't see it with a mix of the two.  But maybe the mix would create interest?  Some of the pieces on the far wall have glass, some do not, the large ones in another room do.  There's plenty of time to think about it, with my procrastinating, maybe years. 

The sun came out and I noticed a bright white ball above the plants.  It's a new flower!  I guess the hydrangeas don't want to let go of summer either.
Enjoy your day.
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Barb said...

A sampler wall would be pretty. You have so many lovely samplers! I actually keep most of my samplers in the master bedroom.

diamondc said...

Marly: I would love a sampler wall, I hope if you do one you post a photo.
I am sure about the dust, we built our first three homes ourselves, it was horrible cutting dry wall and having all that dust around hard on my lungs at times ewwww.
I hope you have good weather its getting cold here in the 40s at night.


debbie haggard said...

your samper walls are stunning!! (personally i prefer them framed). when you finish with all your remodeling you need to please give us a picture tour of all of your completed samplers!

Kaisievic said...

I love the idea of a sampler wall and from what I can see from your pick you have some real beauties. Good luck with the renovation.

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