Oct 8, 2018

The last zucchini

Tried another bread, this time banana zucchini bread and it is very good.  I followed this recipe except for using only 2 tsp cinnamon instead of 1 Tbsp, left out cranberries, and changed nuts to 1 cup of pecans.  I love walnuts but like pecans with banana breads.  My husband's step-monster (mother) made the best I've ever had and she always used pecans.  Toward the end of her years, we decided to not indulge in her foods.  Just in case.


I have a question for you.  Since my body is expanding like a rehydrating sponge, I ordered a few new tunics in XL.  Nothing that I have fits me.  The large fits, but the outline during a walk away is very noticeable.  The extra large is bigger everywhere and may look a little sloppy, but the walk away is just a lot of fabric without an outline.  Which would you choose?
Mike is here installing the last three beams with Mark's help.  He may consider the wainscot after I make up my mind, we won't know for a while but it would be an easy job for him.  I think doing the smaller jobs and work he enjoys now and then would be good for him. 
Thanks for the pumpkin suggestions!  I never thought of buying the fake ones nor did I think of spray painting them white.  My nephew's girlfriend lives in Ohio and has seen them at a market so she will check for me.  First on her list is getting the traps for Carole's feral family.  A long haired calico mom and two long haired yellow kittens with white paws.  She works with a group in Ohio that handles feral neutering and we're hoping to get them trapped.  Our locals never followed through, never sent the paperwork, never called with the info. 
Have a good day folks!


Terri Patillo said...

Love tunics and often buy a size larger for freedom of movement and comfort. I shop at Fullbeauty.com

Anonymous said...

Marly , regarding tops, I would go with XL. Very few clothes that I buy do not shrink a little after washings. Bread looks yummy!

Sherry said...

The bread looks and sounds delicious!! I don't do much cooking anymore. I like my clothes to be loose fitting. I get most of my shirts and some sweaters from www.Roamans.com. Are you getting my comments? I get an email that says you aren't

C M Designs said...

Just my opinion, but I would think the XL would be more comfortable. I have some of both sizes and find the XL more loose fitting.
Want to try your new recipe for zucchini bread. Don't know what it is about the nuts. I always use walnuts and have made walnut pie instead of pecan. I find it to be delicious.
Have a happy day. You have the patience of "Jobe" !
Hope the feral kitties will be caught and taken care of.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

IMHO, go with the larger size. Not much makes a person look heavier (no matter what size they are) than too-small clothing. I think styles are swinging back to looser fit again anyway. If they seem *too* baggy, you could add a loose belt or take in the side seams just a bit.

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