Nov 1, 2018

And an answer

The seller informed me that the chart appearing to be a copy was purchased at her local shop, which she named including the owner.  If it came from a shop, it must be original.  And although I believe there were 4 pages to the chart and should include the photo, there must have been some that did not. 
Looking at the chart itself, I don't know if I would ever stitch it.  There are a lot of half stitches and symbols that are already crossing my eyes.
Just wanted to update my query.


Sandra said...

Sorry, I didn't see your earlier post about the NN chart. Mine has a cover picture with the sampler framed, then 4 additional pages. The entire picture is outlined in double running stitch and then filled in with either tent stitch or basketweave stitch over one thread. She must have released a second version in cross stitch. Do you know what has happened to Sharon Cohen by the way, she hasn't released any new charts for years?

Heritage Hall said...

I am working on a promised piece that I must finish, but the symbols, like yours,
are so vague and miniscule, cannot wait to get it over with....almost finished.
I used to whip through some of these I have to give them a push..
Would love to see that Sharon Cohen piece lovely.

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