Nov 10, 2018

Early winter

And I hate it!  How is Jason going to finish in this weather?  That pallet of pavers may be there until spring and we will be tracking in mud all winter. Two mornings of snow, one day over 40 next week and that's it.  Nothing on the horizon over 35 after that.  What the hell!! 
Under this light snow layer is a thick layer of leaves, now topped off with newly fallen.  And several trees are still half with leaves.  Wet leaves do not blow and certainly not after being stuck in the mud.
Another show of whiteness, such a soft beautiful shade.  Even if I knew what it was, it would never look the same in here.  I purchased Magnolia's Shiplap online (not sold here) thinking it would be the ticket, it is lighter than the sample and even with two coats, has not covered well enough for me.
Enjoy your weekend folks!  It will be an unusually crabby one for me.


celkalee said...

It is here whether we like it or not! My son lives closer to I80 and he has snow coverage as well. He loves it. Always has. I need to talk to him. Anyway, I choose to look at this as chicken and dumplings on the stove, knitting in a basket right next to the fireplace. Puppy in and out on a regular basis, Just wish I didn't have to do that for the next 6 months!

Anonymous said...

Marly, We are in WI, right on Lake Michigan and we got 4 inches yesterday! I said the same as you.....what the hell!
I'm so not ready for this! Now or in January!! Cherie

Barbara said...

Hang in there hon.

C M Designs said...

I think your "white" inside and out is beautiful.
Billy Graham once said " Be so busy counting your blessings that gloom and despair will be crowded out".
My son is without a job again after working only a month and a half.
Happy Thanksgiving !
Charlotte in Va.

Heritage Hall said...

Just think you might have been snowed in and had to put Jason up
for awhile...snow has it's benefits...Let's hope the weather clears
so the pavers can be put in and you can face the future finding the
right shade of white..... Have a good week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I H.A.T.E it, too!

Margaret said...

I'm hoping we avoid the snow here, but they say it's coming later in the week. Yuck -- too early! Such a bummer for your outside work! So are you planning to see someone about your nodes on your fingers? Just curious. I keep wondering if it makes sense to see a rheumatologist about my various arthritic joints. I have no clue on this stuff.

village folk art said...

Good thing we are not all alike ... life would be so boring. I would love to take some of your snow now and yet to come. I admit I do not like driving in it but I love staying warm and cozy indoors, doing some needlework and watching the beautiful, magical, spell binding, falling flakes. Make a pot of stew and homemade bread, then go outdoors and make a snowman, even at my age and I do believe I am your sis's Carol age.
Your home is beautiful ... You would not like mine.
Take care my friend, Barb

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