Nov 6, 2018

Getting closer

I pulled some thread today, for someone else, but I was in the floss box.  And it made me want to pull a few for myself.  Can't believe how quickly and painfully these nodes on my right fingers are growing, but I think I can stitch.  I keep saying I will start something this weekend and don't because of the house projects. 
Thanksgiving day will be here soon and I know we won't be done or even close.  Jason was here today and we need to get pavers or something for him to install and finish up Wednesday.  One day to find them and choose, not easy in the summer let alone this late in the year.  Hot flashes are raging. 
It's after midnight and I'm still up waiting for the boys to come home so I can lock them up for the night.  Their day of relaxation was disrupted by the landscapers and they must have gone on a day trip.
Isn't this foyer stunning?  Simple and soft.  Pinterest of course.
Cheryl, I've tried many ways to contact you and express my sympathy in your loss, but Google+ just won't allow it.
Hope everyone's week goes well.
Thanks for visiting.


C M Designs said...

Thinking of you Marly. I wish I could wiggle my nose and get your work done before Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I know it's frustrating !
Your "boys" have a good Momma to wait up for them.
Take a deep breath, this is a new day.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

I hope the boys came in soon after you posted this. What are you using for threads storage? I'm intrigued - it looks like it holds a lot in a small space.

Mary said...

I feel for you, having to wait for the boys. I can remember waiting for one of my cats until 3am....they have a 4-5 pm curfew but she was not around at that time. I remember when my cats stayed out all night, that was before the coyote decided to move here. I live in the capitol city too! So now the curfew, are goes for morning not out until light. Love the foyer photo, the living room in a corner house was three shade of white/beige. Very calming.

Vickie said...

Naughty, naughty boys! Love that floss box Marly.

Heritage Hall said...

Welcome home, guys...have you noticed the clock and Mother's weary eyelids...??
I suspect the key to that foyer is its color.. uncomplicated and enhancing.

Heritage Hall said...

A prolonged search for pavers....anything to Velcro Jason to
the Santa's homestead.

3millplainrd said...

We have 6 kitties, all very well behaved and lovable. They can go outside. But they have to be in by 5 or 6 at the latest because of predators. This early Thanksgiving doesn’t seem normal to me, but I will enjoy a longer stretch till Christmas.

Kaisievic said...

Hope that the boys came home safe and sound, I don't like it when our two decide to play hooky at night, either. Sorry to hear about the nodes on your fingers, sounds painful. I hope that they get better soon.

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Marley, hope the boys came home, worry about them out and about..also hope the fingers are better, Hugs Francine

Carol said...

Sounds like the itch to stitch is slowly returning, Marly :)

And those boys! Sounds like my sons in their teens!! Hope the kitties are inside tonight and resting comfortably.

Barb said...

Just a bit of info. I have tons of arthritis in my hands . One Dr. even tried to talk me into joint replacement for my thumb. All of them have told me that If I ever quit using my hands for stitching, it would be difficult to go back. I can stitch for maybe 2-3 hours every evening with just a bit of pain. So if you feel like threading that needle, do it!

Truus said...

The boys are home again Marly and you have had a good night sleep?
I have also arthritis in my fingers and to stitch a use a very thin needle so the needle will go very smoothly through the linen.
Good luck with starting stitching again and have fun.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Vera said...

Nice floss box and cute kitties!! I've been thinking of picking up my needle again and stitching some...then I get lured away by yarn. New glasses have been ordered and that may help me. I, too, have arthritis in my fingers and sometimes they cramp up on me.

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