Dec 8, 2018


How's it going?  Are you freezing with a white dusting daily?  I am.  And I've become more sullen, nasty, impatient, intolerant, crusty, morose, and all those other adjectives you can find in the online Thesaurus.  Never had this feeling at the holidays before.  On top of that, sadness that our friend Jamie Burch from Cricket Bug Corner blog (and Scott) lost their son last week.
A brief recap of recent events.  Carole is sick, being treated, cannot stop coughing.  My brother had the same and is recovering.  My nephew had the same and it's lingering.  He is depressed, has been, and has me worried. 

The shelves for the cabinets did not fit and we had to trim each and every board's corner, center front, and center back to fit around the standards (the long metal pieces that hold the brackets).  Took forever.  I will never do custom again.  Why didn't we just complain and demand corrections on everything?  Because Dominic has had a difficult year with his wife's diagnosis and just as important, it is not worth the delays and pickups and chance of it not be corrected.

Because of other large excavating jobs and the weather, Jason has not shown.  I had to pay to have the pallet of stones returned because I knew they would be in the way until ?????  So as soon as Mark left for an appointment, I started moving the old flagstones stored beneath a large pine tree.  They are around 40# each.  I balanced myself on slimy mud, bent sideways to get beneath the tree, and tried to yank a stone I did not know was embedded.  It did not move, but my body did in two directions at once with a snapping noise.  Seems the cartilage that attaches your ribs to the sternum can tear.  I am better, but it will take some time to heal.  The damn midriff brace is pushing the fat below my waist instead of up to my chest.  But I'm sure that is not the reason I needed to visit Kohl's with my coupons to purchase a size up again, in jeans. The sixteen foot area will not be filled in anytime soon, or maybe Jason will eventually show and fill it all with pea gravel so we (and guests) have a safe and level step down.
A new solid white stray will not leave and really tore up Nit today.  I hope the mobile vet can come next week to check him.  He will not use a litter box and is just as nasty as Missy.  Some ferals just refuse to adjust.
Haven't felt like decorating much and with the cold weather, decided to hang a bough on the door and call it a day.  Not even hanging the PS Santas this year, but it wouldn't be Christmas without the boys.
Hope all is well with everyone.
Thanks for the visit!
Annual Christmas giftaway coming soon.


Barb said...

Marly, no wonder you are having trouble with the Christmas spirit this year. Thank you for mentioning Jamie's son. I did not know and I will b e sure to contact her. I am so sorry about the rib thing. Bruising a rib is the most painful thing I have ever done and that includes knee replacement and smashing a vertebrae. Take care!

Ele said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Take good care of yourself

Truus said...

Marly how painful it is to hurt your rib. Hope it will soon gone and healed.
Sorry to hear your sister and others are ill -get well soon for them all.
Take care and wish you many blessings and the Christmas spirit.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Vickie said...

Your home looks nice Marly. I feel sick reading about and thinking about your injury. I am praying for you, your sister and your family.

Mary said...

Marly, you need to focus on one good thing, there is nothing you can do to help everyone. Sorry about all the work on the house that is not going well. Of course sorry that Jason didn't return! Your little tree is sweet, instead on dwelling on what you are not doing look at what you have done. Here ends the lesson, hahaha

3millplainrd said...

I love those "boys". They are my unicorn pattern. Someday. Thanks for the picture, they are stitched beautifully.

debbie haggard said...

Please take care of YOU first; physically and emotionally. Do only what you are comfortable with for the holidays, and try not to let the pressures of the season affect you. Be happy with yourself!

Heritage Hall said...

I have never known someone so adept at extracting and sharing humor from funk.... So sorry to hear about family sickness, your accident and the passing of a loved one from the life of friends. Please heed Debbie's advice.. be kind to yourself.
Let Jason do the magic of lifting for you, while you observe and
Keep warm and snug, dear one.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hiya back, Marly! Sorry to hear about your rib and your family's illnesses. Stay warm and cozy! Thinking of you!

capecodgirl565 said...

Oh boy Marly, life is never, ever dull for you! Sorry to hear of all the misfortune, guess things can only improve from here on out! Take care of yourself and prayers that all concerned get over their collective ailments. Have a very blessed Christmas!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Nothing ever goes smoothly, does it?
Stay well!!!

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