Dec 9, 2018

Just a little more

After going through a large bin filled with stitched Santas, I chose a few of my favorites to hang.  I forgot all about these Koguts.  First year the Schoolers are benched, but I didn't bring all of my trees down from the attic so there really isn't anywhere to hang them all.

Wonder how long they will stay there.  Maybe they will move to the iron hooks on the doors and Postman will grace this wall.  That's a good idea.  Hanging on doorknobs are the stitched gifts I've received from generous readers.  So what will I offer this year?  I'm thinking of the 2019 Book of Days from NeedleworkPress.  I've never seen one and haven't found much online other than it being a datebook sort of calendar.  Are there little articles, stories, sampler photos?  I guess I need to order one to find out.
Have a good Monday.


Jacqueline said...

Great display!

Mary A said...

Lovely! Stay safe and stop moving those stones, Marly! Snapping anything is not good! Poor Nitzy and poor stray! That's how I ended up with 5! I took in ferals and they are all now firmly ensconced inside! Merry Christmas!

Truus said...

Love your Christmas hangers on the nobs.
Have a peaceful week
Greetings Truus from Holland

village folk art said...

You are beginning to look a lot like Christmas even if you do not feel like it. Awwww, hope you can cheer up soon.

Carol said...

I really need to check out the Kogut charts. I have never stitched one and have always admired those that you've done, Marly! Everything looks wonderful :)

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