Dec 31, 2018

Seeing dots and pink spots

I was browsing Pinterest this morning and came across a lot of really sweet smalls for Christmas.  This one made me smile through the lingering but mild headache.
I purchased the dot linen a while back, also the checkered, and haven't come up with a chart for them.  I do love this guy!  Wonder who designed him.
Made my Nona's onion pizza.  Simple pizza dough topped with sliced onions (not sweet) tossed in a good olive oil, sprinkled with oregano, salt and pepper.
Packing up the decorations today while Mr. Bud snores the morning away.  He has had only two accidents inside in the years we've had him, but to prevent future I am insisting he go outside for a bit late afternoon.  If it's cold or rainy (which is the only time they come inside), he can use the box in the garage.  It's much larger than the one in the house and I plan to sprinkle catnip in it.  He loves that stuff.
 As for the house I referred to, I don't have a phone to photograph it, nor would I.  Their massive home with red lights in every window, red lamp lights, red house light, red garage lights, 5 red spotlights, and blue and purple lighted treetops with green trunks, is their choice.  Red is nice, but the theme is lost in the excess.  Could be what they love, could be what a special needs person inside loves.  Maybe they have small children who get to choose.  They display it proudly and any jet flying over appreciates the guidance.  Personally, I saw pink for an hour after.
Have a happy and healthy 2019 everyone!
Edit - Thanks for the tip on the "bell" to subscribe.  When I click subscribe, it changed to subscribed so I assumed that was it!


arcadia said...

I can help with the snowman as I stitched it ! It's "Cromwell" by the designer "the Trilogy". A very sweet one ! Happy new year to you, hope it will be a calm and smooth one !

Carol said...

That snowman on the spotted fabric is so dear. I've had "Cromwell" on my "to-be-stitched" list for years... Somehow he keeps melting away year after year :)

Wishing you all the best in 2019, Marly... can hardly believe another year is ending in less than 9 hours! ♥

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Happy New Year hugs

Chrie said...

Love the snowman, too...the "bell" indicates you will get notified when the person you have subscribed to posts a new video....

Pam in IL said...

Oh, that snowman is so cute! Wishing you a blessed and healthy 2019! Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy New Year, Marly!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your onion pizza looks AMAZING !
Happy New Year to you Marly.

kelley said...

That snowman on the polka dot linen is adorable! I never knew of Flosstube..but love YouTube for Trevor Noah, complaining comedians, foul mouthed comedians and a guy who scraps, flea markets and resellers...exciting, eh

I have Samsung and Verizon works best for me...was a necessity with my parents their last few years, now no land line..

As long as I keep the litter box very clean there are no problems besides cat yak...Melrose is quite fastidious!

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthier 2019 with much less "need" for chocolate

Barb said...

Love your last photo, much better than all the red!!!!!! I hope the new year will be good to you and bring an end to the headaches!!

C M Designs said...

Happy New Year, my friend. I hope this one will be much better for all of us.
I hope the head ache will go away soon. Sorry it's still affecting you.
Bud looks so comfy.....our Sheldon snores too.
Take care and have a wonderful week.
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

Happy New Year. Thanks for another year of wonderful postings and sharing all that's going on with the house changes. May you have a 2019 filled with health and happiness for you and your family. ann

Peg Reynolds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kentucky Sampler said...

Love your thinking about why some houses are decked out in what makes us cringe. I need to do that more often!
Some day I might like to have a cat but no way right now. My Schnauzers would have it for breakfast.
It took me a while to figure out why I wasn't getting notifications too. I follow a lot of flosstube but I only hit that bell on my favorites, otherwise my bell would be clanging all day long!

Vickie said...

Cromwell is very cute! Happy New Year Marly!

Shirlee said...

Love the ornament, and now I'm hungry for pizza! But wait, I'm always hungry for pizza : )

Peddlecar Quilts said...

Happy New Year! Love that ornament! I have some polka dot linen too, never thought to use it for an ornament, how cute. If you ever find out who did the design, let us know!! It's a cozy cold day inside for us today, enjoying the heck out of the first new day of the year. :)

moosecraft said...

Awww...poor Bud! He does look nice and comfy though!
That pizza looks delicious! Who'd a thunk just onions and no sauce? Mmmmmmm!
Always looking forward to seeing pics of your home and stitches... may 2019 be a peaceful one... enjoy those chocolates! :-)

diamondc said...

Bud looks so comfy.
The snowman ornament is adorable, I see lots of fun items on Pinterest cross stitch, so many it hurts to sometimes look, I could sit for hours looking.

Happy New Year

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