May 1, 2019

Pears to poke

Hey.  Thanks for the permission to use the stall.  I was scolded several years ago by a department store employee and also read in a local newspaper how rude it is to take advantage of aids for others.  I asked the employee if she noticed the SUV loaded with young girls that used the parking space so they wouldn't have to walk in the rain.  No answer.  I should have told her that she could come into the stall with me and lift me off next time.  I totally agree that if it is not being used, why waste a good set of bars?
Look what I found in a set of boxes collecting dust.  Pears are on sale at the market, why waste a good amount of cloves?  It takes at least one bottle of cloves per pear because I only use those with buds and half the jars are usually just stems.  A warm day today and outside is a perfect place to make the juicy mess.  I have bags of grapefruits and oranges that I can no longer eat because citrus burns my dry tongue, so more drying will happen either intentionally and accidentally.
Hoping to re-pot the ferns today too.
If you've noticed the header photo, you know what my special gift was.  And there would be no doubt who the needleworker and artist that created it is.  A few more pics.

Wool thread is just amazing in the texture and look of a project.  I remember the Paternayan yarn that lined the wall of my old needlepoint shop and I wonder where it all went after the doors closed. 

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Have a great day!!


TheCrankyCrow said...

You had me all excited about dried clove-studded pears and potted ferns until I saw the rest.... OH. MY. HECK!!!! Of course I noticed the beautiful wallet in your header....and I recall seeing one similar on The Essamplaire (or was it the Scarlet Letter?) while trolling one day....but never in all of my considerable years, would I have guessed that someone could make one....and wait....not one, but dozens!! Holy Moly!!! Those are just AMAZING! No wonder your give left you speechless and tearless.... That stitching has to take forever....and then the impeccable finishing. I am truly, and duly, impressed. Not sure how you missed all your previous posts about Ann’s work (don’t respond to that), but apparently I did.... They are just incredible....and ponies!!! I saw the ponies LOL!!! What an amazing gift.... I don’t know how anyone could think about actually using the wallets, though....I would be putting them under glass LOL..... Merry, Merry, May to you Marly! ~Robin~

Carol said...

What an exquisite gift from Ann! I'm sure you smile each time you walk by it!

Hope May brings better days, Marly ♥

Heritage Hall said...

Such a gift could not have blessed a more inspiring recipient...Ann is a marvel...

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