May 26, 2019

Purple Pants

meets Golden Boy.

We went shopping again for Carole this morning.  Chris has worked two double shifts in a row but still went to get a few things for her including electrolyte Gatorade, but she is nauseated and dehydrated, not feeling like eating.  So I got Cozy Shack tapioca, rice pudding (OMG), fruit cups, ricotta, whole grain bread and crab cakes.  All very low or no sodium.  She loves mangoes and the diced canned were 0 which surprised me, and easier to have a little at a time than peeling and dicing fresh.  She isn't going back to the doc until Wednesday and even though taking a very lose dose of booster diuretic, it is making her very weak.  Cardiologist is June 6 and I am anxious to speak with him about trying Entresto for her CHF. 
Hope your weekend is going well as we remember and honor those who sacrificed.


Anonymous said...

I love your Santas!
And sending healing prayers to you and Carole.

Pamela D. Redfern said...

Marly, I like following your posts; and I am going to start up blogging again myself. Did you know that since I started wrapping my skeins on bobbins and putting them in floss boxes, almost thirty years ago, DMC has actually changed their dye-lots two or three times? I know they did for a lot of the reds and greys. When I re-did my boxes, about 6 years ago, putting two of each color in my inventory, I could really see the difference under my ott lite. So, I did throw out some, and re-wrapped newer skeins. Walmart did away with their huge craft dept. here in Brunswick quite a few years back; and put their DMC at .10-.25 cents each. I loaded up on new skeins, re-inventoried, but, I doubt I will ever do that again in my stitching life-time. Right now, I am 'stitching from stash', as much as possible. I know in the past two years, I did get all the embellishments for a couple of projects such as 'The Queen of Freedom' and 'Celtic Noel'. I also like Stoney Creek's 'Patterns of the Month' and have all the buttons, threads and embellishments for a series that is a Christmas banner. Let's see, not until I returned to Facebook a few years back, I found 'Rosewood Manor' and Karen Kluba. Recently, a dear stitching friend of mine, Brandy, gave me a gift certificate for .123; and I purchased all of the weeks dye works floss, about 9 skeins of one color and 4 of another to do 'China Blue'. I was also able to get the fabric (jobelan 28ct). The other chart, fabric and thread for 'Old Glory' I purchased now almost a year and a half ago. Health issues have forced me to slow down on my stitching; and this year I started Super Heroes quilt blocks on 10x10in white aida for South Dakota Binky Patrol. There are about a dozen patterns in which I have already, since starting in January 2019, stitched Batman Profile, Robin and finished Harley 'Quinn yesterday. It is such a joy to share with you. I keep you in my prayers since I found your blog several years ago. I just really hadn't posted, but love your pears and hope to do those soon. hugs, queeny

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your Santas!
Prayers for Carole.

Barb said...

Your Santas are very cute. I hope Carole gets better for your sake as well as hers!

Truus said...

Healing prayers for Carole.
Love your Santa's they are gorgeous.
A big hug for you Marly
Greetings Truus from Holland

JustGail said...

Canned, diced mangos!? I need to look for those for myself next time i'm in a larger store.
Regarding the new DMC - I can stop by the shop near work Tuesday and pick them up and get them in the mail to you, if you'd like... At least last time I was there, they had them, it's been a couple of months.

I hope your TLC kicks in and Carole starts feeling better fast.

Heritage Hall said...

You and Carole, et al, are surrounded by healing prayer.
Hope this holiday is relaxing and you get to do what you
most enjoy, bless your heart.

Penny said...

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re having a quiet, easy day.
Sending continued prayers for your family, including you!, for healing.
Your Santas are fabulous!

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