Jun 24, 2019

Daith. Coffee. SUN!!

Starting the last week of June!  What???  Finally warm this week but rain and storms every other day.  We hit 80 (I think) Sunday and it was a blue sky day.  Almost unbelievable but it was the first time in a very long time, and I found out that I cannot drive because of light sensitivity on these days.  My glasses can't be any darker.  Maybe it will get better as I adjust to sun rather than overcast and clouds.
Finding more items that I don't want or need.  The Fenton bowl is very pretty and some times it's hard to let go of such niceties, but it's time.  And one set of S&P shakers is all a girl (who doesn't want dinner guests) needs.  Isn't it mind boggling to realize how much "stuff" we have and don't use?
 We met new girls in two of my doc offices and I noticed the Daith ring on one, a stud on the other.  Being curious and mouthy, I inquired with each of them about their experience.  Both, as the other two nurses I previously talked to, had debilitating migraines for years, preventing them from full time employment.  Since their Daith piercing, the headaches are mild and infrequent.  Both were done by the same man who has owned a local tattoo parlor for over 30 years.  Isn't that amazing?  I am seeing more of them, all with excellent results.
An article in my newest food magazine regarding migraines listed foods that contain tyramine, a known trigger.  Found in aged and fermented foods - salami, pepperoni, cured meat, aged cheeses, pickles and olives and kraut, smoked fish, nuts and nut butters, miso and soy, tap beers and red wines.  Well there goes dinner.
We didn't go out to eat for my birthday because … well … I can't.  Without saliva the food sticks to my teeth, even with sips of water, and it's pretty embarrassing.  I need to rinse my mouth out and swish around the water, not something you want to see in a restaurant or restroom.  So Dunkin Donuts was my choice of treat.  Our friend Coni mentioned a cold brew vanilla sweet cream from Starbucks so I had to try it.  To me it didn't taste any different than my (Splenda, cream, light ice) DD's iced cold brew.  More expensive and smaller serving, so I will stick with DD for my splurge, but maybe try one more to make sure.  My home made is better than both!!
For flavoring any coffee drinks, I use the Torani syrups (regular and sugar free) that I find at Walmart, and now they carry Starbucks flavoring also.  Doesn't take much, I prefer Hazelnut, but most times the coffee flavor alone is enough. 
I mentioned before about cold brew and this is the vessel I purchased for home.   I bought a set of eight 64 oz canning jars at my local Agway for a few dollars more than ONE on Amazon.  So I'm keeping the cat food fresh in several and gave a few away.  Considering a smaller version for a quart sized jar since one recipe makes quite a few servings.  There is always a little sludge that settles at the bottom because I don't use a coarse grind as recommended.  Because I'm a rebel.  And a bonehead.  It's strong and very good, I need the cream and ice to tone it down.  And I can have decaf  if I need to, not always offered in cold brew.  Lots of options and products for this method online.
Insert the tube, add your coffee, pour in the water, stir the grounds, and let it sit for 12 - 18 hours on the counter.  Remove the vessel and put your brew in the fridge.
That's my report for today.  Keep your fingers crossed that my berries don't end up in the Ninja as a smoothie.  I worked something out that is different, hoping it will be a success.
Have a great day!!
Thanks for visiting.


Purple Pixie Dust said...

WOw, have a great day. hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

I must live under a rock. Never heard of daith piercing. You make me smarter every day 😊

diamondc said...

Marly: Beautiful bowl and shakers.
I love cold brewed coffee, thanks for the hint about the flavorings.


Vickie said...

Marly, I have not mentioned it on my blog, but I did tell Pam, my fellow migraine sufferer. I have been taking Black Cohosh for over a month now. I take one daily. I told my neurologist and he is fine with it. I was able to back off the increased dose that he had me on of the Topomax for the migraines for these HORRID MENOPAUSAL MIGRAINES. Black Cohosh lowers my body temperature. It takes away others hot flashes. I do not have those. I have even been able to go out in the sun. Not all day, but for an hour at a time! Unheard of for me!!!

Carol said...

Interesting about the daith piercing, Marly (and I had to google it as it was new to me!). The things you learn from stitching blogs :)

I've been doing the same thing, Marly--just realizing that I have far too many "things" laying around that I don't use/don't want. It is hard to get rid of them for sentimental reasons, though. I do think I'll have an easier time doing so when my mom and my in-laws are gone.

So sorry about the eating out thing. I really don't like to go out to eat--much prefer take out and eat at home, but I know it must be very hard. Hang in there! ♥

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hmmmm, well, go figure....I have considered getting a Daith piercing just because I like the look of it...Thankfully, I don’t suffer from migraines, although my husband does. Would never get him to agree to a piercing on his body though LOL. I love the salt and peppers...I have a little coffee canister in the same design with the cobalt blue insert and the silver filigree outside. Only thing is the word “coffee” is upside down on the metal...Of course it’s a misfit and that’s why I own it. I didn’t realize there were salt and peppers to match. Well, like Lauren said, I learn from you every day - I didn’t know about making your own cold brewed concoctions...well, truth be told, I have only had perhaps a handful of cold coffee drinks ever. I thought I was high tech because I make sun tea Ha Ha. Might have to look into that. ~Robin~

CathieJ said...

Your cold brew sounds delicious. I have yet to try any cold brew. Sorry about the saliva problem. Your Dunkin treat sounds good though.

moosecraft said...

I've also been reading about sucralose (Splenda) and it's link to migraines... everyone's system is different...but, certainly something worth reading up on.

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