Jun 11, 2019


If only I could talk Mark into taking this cabinet outside, it would make the paint job a lot easier.  I found a spray can that is very close to the paint color.  Getting into those bottom shelves will not be easy, and the top area that was open has oil based paint.  Dammit.  Sanding and primer.  My hands and fingers are becoming more stiff and thick.  Two coats of the guaranteed one coat coverage and I still see dark blue through brush strokes.  The spray is matte but it's enamel, good enough for the inside shelves and door backs.  I didn't realize Mark was kerfing the hell out of the top door or I would have stopped him.  If I want to have it open, they will of course be showing but I guess that really doesn't matter.  Until I say it does.  Gotta learn to stop sweating the small stuff!!  Do you remember Country Living magazine offering furniture plans decades ago?  This was one of them.  I have another of a step back cupboard, not yet constructed.   Haven't chosen a new chandelier yet, something simple, four tubular black arms.  Will try to sell this one but where?  FB marketplace?
The antique yellow I considered is an oil base from Old Village as old as the cupboard but still good.  I do love the mouldings and wall cupboard photos in that yellow that really isn't.  It's not gold, maybe light mustard, it's dark without being dark, soft without being pastel, settled with screaming.   Not much left, certainly not enough for the corner cupboard but maybe this one. I took the knob off long ago to repaint but never did.  I know you're stunned to read that.
I had to giggle at Mark this evening.  He is always shaking his head about my paint obsession and never really understood how whites and beiges could be a problem.  He did not want the dark trim painted and is now impressed with the change.  But walking into the room at dusk, he yelled to me to come quick.  "Look!!  The damn paint is yellow!  It was white this morning!"  Ah.  Lesson learned buddy.  Time of day, amount of light, curtains, all make the walls change throughout the day and now he finally gets why I am nuts about yellow or pink casts. 
That's it!
Can you believe we're heading into mid June already? 
I can't believe I will be turning 68 soon!
Wonder when we will have a warm evening.
Thanks for visiting.


CathieJ said...

I am impressed by your ambition. You've got a lot of paint projects in the works. I really like those corner cabinets. That style is a favorite of mine. Happy early Birthday!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You just never stop, do you? It will be so wonderful when done.
Haha on the Mark comment 🤣🤣🤣

arcadia said...

If only we were closer on the map we could have fun together with white obsession haha...I had quite a lot of troubles to cover old paint with new one, sanding not always being an option (furniture too heavy to be moved), and primer not always working very well. Don't you love those paints which claim "1 coat only" and after 3 you just wish you had the man who said so in front of you ? Shhhhh
The weather here is awful too, we feel like we are mid october, it's quite cold, rainy, when in february we could eat on the balcony ! Sending courage for your painting session.


diamondc said...

Marly: You are one busy Lady, I love corner cupboards, they are so primitive to me.
I know what you mean about yellows and pinks, I ask for a paint without a yellow tint the dingbat at Menards gave me a yellow tint based paint, the man she was working with made a new batch for me.
Have a great week yes this is June and it is going way to fast for em.


Vera said...

Indeed you are busy! I get tired just reading your posts - lol. And laughed at the Mark discovery of yellow - HA!

I'm thoroughly enjoying our cooler evenings - love sleeping with the windows open and the AC off. Mornings are chilly and I love going outside with my coffee.

Barb said...

I love that new clean look you are going for! Things are looking great!I know, lots of work!

C M Designs said...

All that you're doing looks beautiful. I do remember Country Living. It was a wonderful magazine and I miss it. A couple others were nice, but gone.
I can't believe how fast the time is going. You're ten years younger than I am, enjoy your "youth".
I still cut grass and can even start the lawnmower. Pulled something in my right leg
so will ask for help the next time.
Take care and enjoy your painting. Your home is going to be magazine worthy !
Charlotte in Va.

Carol said...

This is looking great, Marly! Had to laugh at Mark's comment about the white paint :) So true!! Good luck finding the perfect chandelier!

Margaret said...

Yes, I think Mark now understands why you are fussy about paint colors now. lol! Lesson learned! Everything looks great. You are always doing. So great!

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