Jun 11, 2019

Today's project

In attempting a clean sparse look, I think adding a top door to the corner cupboard is a good idea.  I can keep the door open against the wall to feature inside items, or close when I want a simpler look.  The very dark blue will be covered with the same color as the trim (or maybe a colonial yellow), crackled here and there to show a little blue.  Not sure if I have H hinges left, and if I do will NEVER find them, so I guess I should just order now.

A black and white scheme.

I just washed this rug mat, put it on top of the grain bin, and of course, Monkey Mona (Missy) thinks it's a good place to nap.  I ran my hand across her back the other day and will not try that again.
Have a good day!!

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