Jun 9, 2019

Wayne's coat

Finally finished painting what was once the dining room.  Now for the wainscot which I wanted installed before painting, but it didn't work out.  This was my choice when Mike was here, but he said it was too much "figuring" for him.  We tried everything and could not get the spacing to be pleasing.  One short piece of wall from the window edge would require narrow spacing which I didn't want, and it's the section you see from the other rooms.  Balance was not to be.
The next option was vertical shiplap with top rail, too much fussing around.  The top and bottom would need a rabbet, precise cuts, and wherever the wall was wonky it would show.  It's also too similar to what we removed.
Horizontal it will be, but not like this.  Love it to the ceiling, but this is the common installation for shiplap wainscot and to me it is lacking.
So a wider top and bottom rail than this with a cap will be best for us, unless we can find a finish carpenter.  I'm not holding my breath, and we've been waiting long enough.  Seems shiplap is a common option for bathrooms!  I can't figure out why they cut a narrow top and bottom lap.  Couldn't the bottom board be brought up higher and the skinny top not needed?  Or bring the top rail down to the seam?   Maybe I'm too fussy.
As soon as I find Ann, I plan to start.  Drives me absolutely mad when I can't find things but emptying a room for painting can create havoc in another.  I transferred leftover paint to a small container for touch ups in another room.  I just did it.  Yet I can't remember the vessel I put it in nor where it is!!  I've searched high and low with no result.  All I've found is the container that held the paint before I moved it so I know I didn't imagine it all.  How can you lose something you had the day before?
Hope the weekend went well for you. 
I had to change comments to moderating because of a hateful troll.  They will appear after I review them, his will not be shown. 
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diamondc said...

Marly: I totally love shiplap we will be using lap in the bedroom as soon as I get the room painted, its a romantic look to me.
I hate painting but have to do it, mike is re-doing the railing on our 52 foot deck, this is keeping him out of my hair yahoo.
I hope you are having a great week.


arcadia said...

Wayne's coat is not popular in my corner of the world, I don't know why exactly... maybe some people don't like it anymore, or the rooms are so narrow that taking just an inch out of it for the panels is a problem... ? If I could afford I'd have it on my walls as well... I can't tell which ones I prefer (maybe the 1rst you showed in your post), and it's probably because I never saw one in true life, I mean the only time I saw those panels it was in a castle :-) I love your white paint options/choices. I wish we could find here something else than a seller answering "another white ? why are you bothering me ?? White is white, take it or leave my shop"... How can you tell someone all the wonderful options whiteS can offer ?! I guess if I could enter a hardware or DIY store in the USA, I would go crazy like a child in a giant candy store ! About where things hide when we need them, or disappear by magic just as you turn your back, it's my whole life... ouch... You'll find it, just don't panic :-)

Truus said...

Marly I do have the same problem -it seems everything is disapearing here too.
Do hope the troll will disapear soon.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Heritage Hall said...

Trust your instincts and what you heart wants.... you have to live with it. I
suspect you did want No. 1 and the doors look like narrow panels? Lap seems to be the in thing right now.

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