Jul 14, 2019

Floss bags

Greetings to all in MID July.  Damn.
I needed to pull new floss bags for the latest DMC colors I bought, and although the same size, they didn't look like my others.  They aren't!  I don't ever remember using or purchasing this style. 
I separated the bags by style and cut two covers from a heavy something-or-other, and I have a little book for a large project, floss in order by number, and neater than a bunch of bags on a large ring that twist and turn.  To replace my other bags with these would take some time, and my online searches did not reveal availability of this style.
Marking them with the color numbers can be removed with alcohol so I can use over and over and over.  But for the number of large projects I plan to stitch, over and over and over will be more like … over.
Have a great day!!

Mine were by Westex, but Hobby Lobby carries them under another brand and also the binder.  Here's the info in case you are interested.  Sullivan's also makes the same.



Karyn said...

what a great idea and pretty too...thanks for sharing with pics

Carol said...

I love this idea, Marly! My floss tends to get pretty messed up looking by the end of a project and this little floss book would certainly help with that--thank you :)

moosecraft said...

That's a great idea, Marly! Thanks for sharing this with us!

C M Designs said...

Love this idea. What I'm doing now is so primitive, you wouldn't believe !
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great week.
Charlotte in Va.

Heritage Hall said...

I use those Hobby Lobby sets … relatively reasonable.. and they
keep things neat. You are such a source for what works, bless you.

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