Aug 12, 2019

House complete!

Hi folks.  How was the weekend?  Fall is closing in quickly isn't it?  The correct answer is yes, dammit.  I know there are many of you whose favorite season is Fall, and one of our favorite sampler stitchers loves winter.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion even when we don't agree, maybe the country can take a lesson on how gracious and respectful stitchers are to one another!  From 14 count white Aida to 48 count dark linen, from cute little motifs to massive samplers, from cotton threads to high end silks, from freebies to expensive kits, we respect others' preferences/choices/likes/abilities.  As it should be.
Now, here's my progress.  It's been so long since I filled in a larger area, I forgot about directional change.  My wonky stitches are usually always uneven because of my tension issues.  I use the sewing method and do the first half and then return for the cross, which creates obvious horizontal rows. 
When I stitched horizontal and then vertical to complete the stitch, it created a really nice appearance, even and neat.  I don't know if you can see the difference between the solid areas and the door (the only part done in two directions) but I can!  No visible rows on the door.
The satin stitch rows beneath the house are over four threads, three rows of different greens, and I'm wondering if I should use three threads instead of two.  I'm done for the night, eyes are terribly dry today, tomorrow I will test the coverage.  Two doesn't look bad, and it's a small area of the sampler so it will not be noticeable.  I'm close to finishing this first page and realize that the amount of linen to the piece will be a problem for me at some point.  I used to be able to roll and hold the excess but my arthritis is taking a very sharp turn to WTH!!
Can you find my Monkey Mona?
Taking Carole to the doc tomorrow.  Today I  had my eye makeup tattoo touched up after three years.  For a week after having this done, I have to keep the area greased with Aquaphor and the very dark eyebrows and excess ink will slough off.  Until then, I look gorillaish.  So I'll wait in the car.
Have a good week!!
Thanks for visiting.


Truus said...

Your stitching looks good to me Marly.
My stitching looks more wonky than yours and my sight is better than yours.
Hope all is going well with Carole today.
Take care of yourself
Greetings Truus from Holland

Rugs and Pugs said...

I see no difference in the stitched areas. This is a wonderful sampler!

Vera said...

Your stitching looks so nice Marly - great progress! Like you, I use the sewing method and typically go across a row and then back.

Barbara said...

I'm loving that sampler!!!!!

Barb said...

I love your comment about stitchers and the way we respect each others choices. I really like the new sampler you are working on. All the stitches looked fine to me. But I am no judge!!

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