Aug 10, 2019

Quick! For a change.

You know how decision making has become a real problem for me.  I am happy to announce that I have tried to correct that, and I'm making progress.  Little tasks are finally being accomplished. 
Today, I spotted these boxes, one waiting for a label.  Since my files are mostly gone, I need to start fresh and have no intention of spending the hours and ink trying different pieces.  So I grabbed several unframed pieces and held them up, bingo. 
A few looked good with it but Barbara Schlater looked the best, color and compliment to the top box.  I didn't look any further, did not try them all again, did not pull out any others.  That was easy and it's a good feeling to not drag my butt for weeks thinking about it.  Eureka! 
I made some progress on the house and realized that even though I love to see them in samplers, I do not like to stitch them in samplers.  The side will have a two color pattern, not as much repetition.
Someone is enjoying another very cool morning.  It's been feeling more like September than August!
Hope your weekend is great!


CathieJ said...

It feels so good when you make a quick decision and then stick with it. I really like the sampler that you are stitching. It has been feeling a little like September here also.

Truus said...

This sampler looks good on your box and great you made a quick decision.
Love your sampler you are stitching.
Have a good day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

Am loving the cooler temperatures with less humidity.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

My heart started pounding when I first say " a box". Don't tease me like that. I agree the sampler looks perfect, I too am enjoying to cooler temperatures.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lovin' your sampler. I, too, am not fond of stitching solid areas!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Looking forward to cooler temps--your boxes look great

Dlindgren said...

I love seeing your work.

Carol said...

I, too, putsy around and avoid making decisions, Marly. I really need to get going or some of these projects will never, ever get done! Love your boxes and your latest stitching. I don't mind stitching houses as it is usually mindless and can be done when watching a (more exciting than normal) television show :)

Loving this amazing weather the past few days--guess it comes to an end tomorrow!

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