Sep 27, 2019

I've settled down

Ha!  Who would have thought?  I checked a few other plans and found a compatible and acceptable offer to which I will switch.  It was not listed in the Medicare booklet I received and only has % co-pays for tier 5 as before.  Done.
I went into the attic where a large black bag has been residing for a few years, filled with larger grungy gourds, and couldn't find it.  I must have burned them and don't remember.  But I did find a bag with nicer shapes and sizes.  Mark reminded me that there is a drawer in the basement with more, and that's where they will stay for now.  I scattered these in a few rooms and put the small wooden trencher back on this shelf.  I'm enjoying your posts showcasing your fall decorations, but a few gourds is my limit.  I may add the Halloween tree in a few weeks, but with all the appointments coming up again, meh.

While going through the old photo file, I came across this one and I'm sorry I did.  I mentioned earlier that I wanted something in that colonial yellow that DT Smith puts in kitchens, and after seeing this, wish  I would have done the foyer and stair in it.  Why am I so fickle about color?  Was I born this way or did I make a conscious decision to drive myself mad?  I have been living with the almost white scheme for a few months and like the chosen colors but ….. not sold.  I still want lighter trim than what I've lived with for 25 years, but too light does not appear colonial.  To me anyway.
Missy is enjoying the warmer days and they will continue through the weekend.  Darn cool mornings and nights, but at least a few holdover days until the big chill.
Thanks for visiting!


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Such a pretty cat and gorgeous petunias.

Heritage Hall said...

Love the picture of that hall staircase and the golden color... Colonial, yet
"light"..... We are expecting the 90's all next week with enough evening hours
of cool to recover.... Love the simplicity of the gourd arrangement... Have a
great weekend, Marly dear.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you found a drug plan that will work for you. What a relief!

Sandy Longan-Miller said...

Here in Montana we are due to get highs in the low 50's and 40's with lows in the thirties with rain and snow over half the state. Glad you found a plan that works.

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I am happy you found a policy that works, we went to a insurance broker he showed us all the different plans it worked well for us.
I love that yellow, so bright and pretty.
Loving the gourds, they are so cool.

Have a great weekend

C M Designs said...

Love your gourds and wooden bowls. I have some is out the others will stay in my dough box until next year. Not in the mood to decorate as I was in the past.
Love the golden color on the hand railing and stencil. So cheery.
Missy is a beautiful kitty. Very photogenic.
It's going to be hot here today and then into the 60s next weekend.
Have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.
Charlotte in Va. said...

I love the drug plan here in NB Canada. $4.99 per script is ok with me. Your lovely display has inspired me to dig out my wooden trencher and fill it with apples!

Mary said...

I have two old ( used to be green) goose neck gourds. The were looked so yucky ,I sprayed them lightly with polyurethane and now you can see the different shades of brown. i like them them they make an appearance as soon as summer is over , not yet here in RI. Glad you loved the Rx problem.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I absolutely LOVE your gourds and how you displayed them!! The perfect fall touch!! That photo of Missy looks like a card!! She is such a pretty kitty!! Happy you got things straightened out and found the best plan! I know that is such a relief!!!
Hope you are feeling better and hoping for some sunshine for you as well!!
Take care and have a good weekend!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Carol said...

Oh, those gourds are just perfect for your home, Marly. Would you believe I've done no fall decorating at all--what is wrong with me this year? September was a tough month here--hope to get my decorating mojo back in October!

That is great that you found a plan that works well for you. Hope I'm as lucky when the time comes :)

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