Sep 26, 2019

Looking back

While sitting and using heat packs yesterday, decided to go through the picture folder to remove extras.  There was an old file that transferred from the dead laptop!  Thousands of photos.  Many of Nitzy when he was a kitten with dad staying close by. 

Budman was a good dad.
I also found hundreds of my old labels.  I had deleted them but this old file was unknown to me.  Holy tuxedo cat.  I was surprised at how many there were and some were never even used.  But without Pat Catan's, no more boxes to be had.

Then the mail came which turned my mood hotter than my packs.  All the Medicare Advantage plans and Plan D mandatory drug coverage plans, have now moved their higher tiers to a percentage co-pay rather than a set rate.  My Eliquis was a $75 a month co-pay before, now it will be 38% of $500 per month (190.00).  Restasis will be 38% of $598 (227.24).  If you use a GoodRx coupon, it doesn't involve your insurance, so the higher pharmacy price will be used as a base price for the percentage. So anyone with higher priced drugs that were in tiers 3, 4 , or 5, will be paying so much more in 2020 that many will be unaffordable.  Enbrel and Humira are $4000-$5000 a MONTH and will now be charged to patients at 38-50% co-pay, if covered at all.  Since 2014, those two drugs have increased 100% and will continue to climb.  Medication costs came up over the friends weekend and I found out that two pay nothing for Eliquis, another nothing for Enbrel.  One is on the retired federal worker plan and two are retired PA teachers.  So far, I have not heard any candidates asked if their Medicare for all plans will include ALL, including government workers and all politicians.  Do you think it will?  Absolutely not. Patient Assistance programs vary in their requirements, yet our income at a fraction of my friend's state pension and SS was denied, she was accepted.
I hope I will never need the Enbrel or Humira, but many seniors do.  If you're on Medicare, it may be a good idea to check with a benefits manager to see what is changing in your plan and if there is another better suited.  But if you are on a biologic or specialty drug and had co-pays this year, it looks like you will be paying a percentage next year.
Thanks for listening!!
I am pretty hot about this issue.  Better settle down because I plan to stitch this evening and already have a thread tension problem!


The Eveningstitcher said...

Our Humana Prescription D doubled it's monthly price starting in January...we were paying $26.50 for each of us, and now it's going to be $52 each. It's looking like the coverage may be a bit better, but I'm not sure. They make it so confusing, that I'll have to call. My husband is on a medication that is around $435 a month...they only cover a portion of it. It's a crime that prescriptions are so ridiculously expensive in this country...only padding the pockets of pharmiceuticals and politicians!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What sweet pictures of Nitzy!
I am fortunate to have only two prescriptions. One is free and the other almost free. But I just had my first Shingrix shot and the $163.09 cost went towards my deductible. I'm sure the second shot will also go towards the deductible. Then the new year will start and I will be back to square one :(

Anonymous said...

Criminal! Just not right...

Heritage Hall said...

The prices you quote are outlandish...No one should have to squeeze so to maintain
health. What about these ads that say "if you cannot afford, contact us" ?? It would be interesting to know the actual cost of producing these drugs, overhead and
all....their profits are probably phenomenal.. Harumph…..

3millplainrd said...

It is frightening what meds cost. This health care crisis goes on and on we all know it but nothing is done about it. I am so afraid I will need something one day and not be able to get it.

C M Designs said...

Little Nitzy was a cute baby. So glad Budman was a good Daddy.
My daughter is on Embril. She's going to hate to hear the news.
Haven't heard anything about an increase in Social Security for 2020. Sure could use one.
Have a good weekend. Enjoy your stitching.
Charlotte in Va.

Sherry said...

My Envisions is changing alot of things on their formulary. I have to have a supplement plan for my infusions. I use Good RX and love it!

Mary said...

Such cute baby pictures. Sorry about the drugs increase, it is costing so much to stay healthy. Fortunately I have a great Rx plan and have yet to be taking any very expensive prescriptions. Unless I am mistaken we are the only county that has drugs advertised on TV. This has to add to the price of each pill or shot. I stand in a drugstore line and hear what others pay and am so sorry for these people. I do not know how this just on Social security can survive. Finally today will be more like fall, I love a sunny cool day. You made my heart skip a beat when I saw those boxes.

Carol said...

I totally understand your frustration with the drug price increase, Marly! I am dreading wading into the world of SS and Medicare. Will stay on my husband's insurance for as long as he works (probably not much longer). I'm only taking a tiny dose of a statin now, but I know that will change as health problems creep (or pop!) in. Ugh--I hate getting older :(

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Marly.... Long time no visit! I haven't been checking out anyone's blogs for some long that I feel like a newbie again ;o)
I am slowly reading through your updates and wanted to say that I sorry to hear that your medications are so expensive. I am on Humira for my RA and I am very lucky that our Australian Medicare covers the cost because at $1900 a script every month I would not be able to afford it! It is a life saver for me and would hate to not be able to afford to have the injections! I hope that you get things sorted out and pray that you don't end up having to pay too much. If only we could reverse time at a certain age and get younger again!

I saw in a couple of other posts that you have been watching flosstube... that is the rabbit hole I went down and it seems to be the way I get my stitchy news now. It makes it so much easier to stitch and listen/watch flosstube than trying to read blogs and stitch! But I am trying to spend time reading blogs again and I am going to make sure next year I get back to regular posting!!

I have a flosstube channel myself - not sure if you have found me yet but if not I hope that you do pop over and say hello. I do try not to have super long videos but sometimes it happens!! My flosstube channel is Stitching Noni so it should be easy to find :o)

Take care... and look after yourself
Hugs to you and kitties! x

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