Oct 2, 2019


A small acknowledgment of the season change.  It sure is different when the trim is white.  Is it the camera setting that makes those photos of white interiors so inviting?  It doesn't look the same in my home.

A nut garland of some sort....

and another in the window.

Even the peg rail looks bland.  I have no idea what these pods are, bought them many years ago and still love them.
If you were wondering why I had the guts to photo the "motif", I yelled for Mark to stop working outside and come in, and had no intention of letting this intruder out of my sight.  I made that mistake on a hairy wood monster once, and was not comfortable until we found him again.
After my friend's visit, I decided to get in step with the rest of the world and buy a pair of leggings.  I wore them out in public and felt like I was wearing pajamas.  And I didn't know that they stretch out enough to be bunched at the ankle and turn from waistline to hip hugger.  I found several really long tunic tops/sweatshirts online at Kohl's and they cover it all or I would not have worn them.
Hope your week is going well.  Mine is hot, which ends Friday.  It's over.  So I bought three huge mums at Giant Eagle for 3.99!  Who could pass that up?  I have to take Carole for heart testing tomorrow and will stop on the way home since she will want them too.  It's not that I want more, but dammit I can't pass up a bargain!!  Even when my pants are sliding down.


kcmrugs@gmail.com said...

You’re funny! And your decor inspiring. I like the whites.

Meg said...

Love the decorations. So simple and pretty. I love leggings but I only wear the black ones. I'm tall so it's hard to find tunic tops that cover my bum, and I have to be careful washing them or they shrink.

Vickie said...

Marly I love the whites! I have NEVER been bold enough to wear leggings.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lovely pictures.
Oh, I may have to make a run to Giant Eagle. What a deal!
I will wear leggings...but only with a long top. I am amazed at some women with leggings and a short top. Have they no mirror?

C M Designs said...

Love your gourds, garland and "dipper gourds". I ordered some (dippers) the year you posted them. The other vegetable that was with them is long gone. Parsnips, I think.
Jill gave me a pair of her leggings. I have a long Tee shirt that I wear with them. I find them to be comfortable, but the waist line is bigger than mine. Just as long as they don't fall off, I'm good.
Looking forward to Friday. Supposed to be in the 40s Sat. morning. Love, love, love.
I wish there was a Giant Eagle in my neighborhood. Have saved a chrysanthemum from years ago. Moved it to a new place, gave it some fertilizer and I think "she's" going to do okay. It's a red one.
Enjoy your day.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

I have not yet done the leggings thing. There seem to be 2 issues for me - length (rather lack of) and transparency. I've not yet gotten around to trying to make my own.

I suspect photography and editing have a lot to do with how nice white rooms look in photos, especially in magazines and on "professional" blogs. Yet, when I see them in person, they don't appeal to me. Similar with the old chipped furniture and worn fabrics seen in magazines. It looks good in their photos, but when I see the similar items in real life, no appeal.

Mary said...

I love my leggings, but you must spend a bit to get good ones, no bagging. Mine are from J Jill and Orvis. I only shop with coupons. The best thing is my J Jill ones are a M and Orvis is a L. Figure that one, I am a 14/16. You should splurge and get a quality product, you will love them. Both on- line stores have great tunics too.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I LOVE the gourd display and always love to see how you put things together!!!
I also love leggings and find them to be very comfortable and slimming, too!! The better made ones are the best and a good investment AND they really look good dressed up as well as down!
I'm also tall and like them with longer tops and boots or booties!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Marilee said...

I like the simplicity of your décor. It looks very homey, and yet sophisticated. As to the tights, I like mine much better than the jeans I usually wear in the winter, but I too have to look for tops that are long enough to cover my bum. Surprisingly, I've found some extra tall shirts in the men's clothing department for casual wear.

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