Oct 3, 2019

Lacis hoop

I had several emails asking how this hoop can be turned and raised for less neck strain.   I showed this before but it would take a while to find so ….
It's the only sit-on one I have but I'm assuming they are all made similar.  I've never used the Qsnaps or anything like them and I like having both hands free when using an aid.  Doesn't make sense since I prefer stitching in hand does it?

I had to put a weight on the paddle that would be under my thigh.  If only my thigh was this light.  There's isn't a half inch of wood showing when I'm on it.  Anyway, the paddle rotates, the hoop's leg can be raised or lowered, and the hoop itself can also rotate and flip.

This would be the standard position, hoop over my lap.

By rotating the hoop and lifting it, it is up much higher.  Difference is the hinge of the hoop is in the back for lap stitching and in the front for higher stitching. The hoop's leg can be lowered if it's too high.  You just need to tighten the wing nut that holds the hoop to the leg to hold it in place.  You can see my work is now upside down from the lap position.
This nut can be removed to change to another size hoop.  It comes with the 10", 12" and 14" can be purchased with the flange for inserting in the leg.  They can be ordered from Lacis, the 14" was $26.50 with shipping.

Access to the back by just rotating the hoop.  And this is more information and photos than necessary or wanted.  But I am thorough and annoying, in other words, thoroughly annoying.

 I like it, and probably could get the same features with other brands.  But I had a JoAnn coupon and free shipping!!



Purple Pixie Dust said...

Thanks for all the photo's on how it works. hugs

The Eveningstitcher said...

I had a Sit-upon that I ordered years and years ago....but the bolt and screw broke off...so now I have a wonderful wooden hoop from Germany but no stand. Actually, I have been stitching in hand. I had to train myself to do it, but it's so much faster. Thanks for the info!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the info.

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