Nov 9, 2019

Coming up for sale

Essamplaire (some OOP) charts, never used, never will be.  I will decide if Ebay, here, or FB Samplers Through Time.  I am not a member or aware of any other group for selling strictly samplers.  Much easier through Ebay but .... probably just here.  I will offer these Tuesday evening 11/12, may add a few before then.
Photos are all crooked because I was too lazy to remove from plastic sleeve and was getting a reflection.  Prices will include shipping and be reasonable as always, but if you are international and interested in any, please let me know and I will adjust the shipping.

Lise Bagg - I would need to change the colors and tone this down, maybe all red or rich blue?  The chart states 12" x 5" on 30 count.  The stitch count is closer to 80 x 180, not 120 x 240 as the chart states.  The dividing bands over the large eyelet alphabet are both done in tent stitch.  I'm out of here.

The S.S. Sampler - If I center the words and change the dividing band to a solid color beneath them, this would be more pleasing to my dry eyes.  I have not found a stitched example online done on a softer shade of linen which would also help, but I don't want to bother changing anything.  Did I just say that? 

Mahala Jane Hamilton - GET OUT!!  Could not stitch a border like this.

Mary Margaret Mallet - this border could easily accept placement errors, but it's still a border.  Adios.

Betsy Gill - not a thing wrong with you Betsy, but I don't like stitching script letters.

Elizabeth Jane Turner - a beautiful sampler that I know I will never start.

I know it's not necessary to explain my reasons, but it helps me to relinquish rather than hold on.  After seeing the Instagram photos of stitchers' stash and enormous collections of charts, mine are one drop in a full bucket.  But I am not interested in storing items of no use to me.  I've been mentioning chart reduction for quite some time, I need to follow through!  I feel better now.



Barb said...

You do have some great choices. Sometimes I am shocked when I watch flosstube and see how much many stitchers buy. I could not begin to stitch the small amount I have in this lifetime. Some on flosstube need to live to be 300 years old or more! Maybe they just stitch faster than I do!

Rugs and Pugs said...

LOL! I think we all need to purge, but I know it's not in my near future :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful samplers...especially Betsy Gill...and I understand the need to purge, but like many others I'm just not ready for that yet. I'm doing it with my quilting fabric but not with cross stitch. In fact, just the opposite! blessings, marlene

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