Nov 7, 2019

Plant a tree

 A fricking scrawny tree.  A tree of your own imagination.  Where you can create the shape.  Where branches meet and trunks are vertical.  Where leaves don't overlap fruit or flowers.  Where pesky tree frogs fall to the ground.  Where stitches are only done once.  OK maybe twice.  Where headaches and eye strain are things of the past.  
Plant it far away in another galaxy.  
Stupid fricking tree.

I am no longer using the hoop because of how many times I needed to flip it over to remove more stitches.  I think the 14" was unnecessary but with the linen firmly attached to it, it makes an awesome frisbee.  That baby can sail across the room.  

Why don't I move on to another area?  Because I know I will have to go back to it and would rather get it over with so I can move on in a calm, collected, relaxed, stitching mode free of frisbees.  I am certainly not worried about a few branches being off and many small errors will remain.  But when it gets out of hand, the trunk is twice as wide and veering right to connect and balance the branches.  Following an irregular pattern is something I have always had trouble doing, now even more because the continual eye drops and blinking don't allow me to keep my place on the chart.  I've decided to stitch four, stop, count, and fill in those completed squares on the chart copy.  Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend!


dianne said...

have you tried using little sticky notes? sometimes the only way i can stay on task is by squaring off the chart with two or three or four stickies ... anywho, it's looking excellent!!!

Mary said...

Using a large hoop can be tempting but really never practical. I stitch using a 8 or 10 inch hoop on a floor stand. Have you seen Stitching in the Barn floss tube with Valarie. In episode #6 we visit her neighbor Kay and her wonderful home and amazing samplers . Kay using a four inch hoop all the time!!! I am with you if something is tedious I want to finish first and get it over . Stay warm

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm sure you will persevere and it will be wonderful.

FiberDiva Carol said...

I am soooo excited to come across your blog. Thank you for the patterns. I ama new stitcher. Have not put thread to Linen yet. Still surfing. LOL> I will pray for you , your and the precious cat.

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