Nov 27, 2019

Did you see this?

Of course you have.  I haven't until today while watching floss tube.  Isn't this different and a really nice addition to Christmas stitchery?  I may order.  I would do it on a darker gingham which of course, I sold.

Nothing much going on.  For some reason, I can't stay awake, even in the afternoon.  Staying up until midnight was my normal routine, now I struggle to make it to ten.  I look forward to a day without an appointment of some sort but that won't be until the second week of December.  Well, not really.  I need to see the rheumatologist and get injections from my orthopedic.  I can't believe how painful my joints are becoming and really limiting what I can do in such short time.  Between that, my thinning hair allowing my scalp to show, and the vicious return of hot flashes, I'm not in a very festive holiday mood.

Petey is loving his home and is getting closer to the house when sunning himself.  It's so cute, as soon as I open the back door he runs to his shelter and waits for a treat or food.  Problem is developing with Nitzy.  He just won't leave him alone and is starting to fight. 
Petey went after a cat I have seen here before and I heard the fight in the woods.  But he won't attack the brats, just an outsider.  Bud is doing his yoga while they both enjoyed the warmth of the sun yesterday.  This is about as close as they get, Nit gets right in Petey's face.  I think he was someone's indoor cat, but it will be a long time before he comes in here.  He is probably loaded with fleas, needs to see a vet, and until they all get along, I don't want to create a situation.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I can't wait for Saturday when all the Black Friday ads that have been running for a month are OVER!!!



Vickie said...

Good Morning Marly, I am sorry to hear of your pain and suffering my friend. I am praying for you. I enjoy seeing your cat pictures. :) I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed one with your family.

Angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Marly! I hope you can get some relief from the pain. Cat problems never seem to end with outside cats. Same situation here. They just can't get along. There is always that one!

JustGail said...

I'm sorry your aches & pains are increasing so rapidly. I wish it would work to sit all the cats down and set down a "talk it out and no fighting" rule when they are determining pecking order. Then again, that doesn't work with people enough either.

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