Nov 22, 2019

Playing tag

Carole moved her appt. up so Chris could take her before work.  Both hips are bone on bone, her bottom vertebrae are tilted and fused, nothing can be done about either.  The only options are injections to ease the pain, and steroids.  She is not a candidate for any type of surgery.

I decided to try a few tags before the printer runs out of ink or dies again.  They may create a sweet little tree mixed with other ornaments.  Not sure exclusively would be as nice, but since the tree is very small, who knows?  I have other designs to print, but I am liking the simple samplers and bugle boy.  We can't cut the angled top off since this thin plywood splinters easily.  Maybe try a few with a stained wood top exposed.  Probably not.

I had to clean Petey's box today and now he is afraid to go back in!!  I think all cats are mental.



Ms Peppercorn said...

Wondering if Carole would consider medical marijuana?

stitchmax said...

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Jacqueline said...

Carole can't seem to get a break. Like your tags a lot.

Vickie said...

I got good relief years ago from the steroid injections. I feel just terrible for Carole.
Your tags are wonderful

C M Designs said...

Prayers for Carole and you.
My kitty, Pippa, doesn't like to have her box worked on in any way. She's sleeping in a small Fancy Feast box now..........a lot of her body hangs over the edge but she loves it.
Trying to get a little decorating done. My energy is not like it used to be.
Have a wonderful weekend. Love your tags.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

The tags are great, I would in a flash buy for my new feather tree, just a suggestion. I have decided after having so many cats that they are not mental just possessed by some ancient Cat God. One of my cats would not sit in a chair with a wrinkled cover on it. I had to straighten out but would sleep in a basket with dirty clothes . Don't you just love it, I sometimes I wish I could be like that.

JustGail said...

I like your ornaments!
I'm glad Carole's knee is ok, ouch on the hips and back. I know I end up with aches and pains in odd places when I try to favor the area that originally gives me pains.

I wish we only had opossums to deal with. Blasted raccoons swiped entire dishes a couple years ago and I never did find one. The other was way round the house and down the hill all scratched up. They are now cabled to the bench on the porch. So we also need to do best to make sure the bowls are empty soon after dark sets in. Sometimes the cats take a bit to accept a clean towel, other times they pile right in. I suspect since they almost always choose the same hut, it has to do with scent? Yet the inside cats had no hesitation in piling on the clean laundry basket no matter what detergent was used.

Carol said...

These are SO pretty, Marly!

I'm so sad to here about Carole's hips and other continuing (and new!) health problems. My MIL (whom we just moved back to Ohio from FL) has bone on bone hips, too. She is moaning all day and has no quality of life. Just awful. She refused hip surgery a few years back and it is too late now.

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