Nov 22, 2019

A good day to drive

Gloomy, deary, no sun.  We took Carole two days ago for xrays of the knee, took all afternoon.  Yesterday to the doctor, found out the mechanical knee is OK, may be the hip.  Went directly back to the center for additional xrays, took all afternoon.  Today she is to return to the doc for results and I can drive her myself (Mark is golfing and there is no sun), should be home by 3!!  Between her appointments and mine, it seems I've become one of those people that complain about their weeks being dominated by doctors.  What a difference one injection has made.

So along with the dreary day and light rain, comes three brats.
One atop the grain bin.

One on the ruined chair.

And the little ruinator herself on the sofa.
Petey is enjoying his shelter and spends most of his day snoozing.  We can't seem to keep an opossum from invading his space though and I need to remove his food by 4 pm.  I tried leaving edibles for the unwelcome visitor but he/she still checks out Petey's place too.

These little tags are the beginning of a new ornament project.  I've had it in my mind (along with little else of importance) to use my sampler label snippets on the small unlit trees.  We'll see how that goes as soon as I get a free afternoon.  Hopefully, pretty damn good.

Have a great day!!



Barb said...

I do hope all those DR. appointments come out well. Can't wait to see what you do with the labels!!

Vera said...

Those brats/cats look so sweet sleeping.....hope the doctor visits all go well. Can't wait to see little sampler ornaments for the trees - will be so beautiful!

Rugs and Pugs said...

The little sampler ornaments sound intriguing!
Doctor visits. Ugh. Part of growing old, I guess, and since we are growing old, we must be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Hope this works!! Looking forward to the ornaments. .. you are so patient with the cats - they are cute. Yes it does seem we spend an inordinate amount of time to, from and at a physician's office or test. Glad I'm able to do these things myself. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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