Dec 28, 2019

For a very short time

these guys get to live outside of a box.  Isn't that a shame?  I mentioned before that my friend's mom was an avid stitcher of Santas (and so much more).  She moved to a small home in the city and converted the smallest bedroom into her stitching studio.  The tiny room had a large comfy chair, a maple desk covered with project filled baskets, wallpaper featured a miniature red design, the corner hutch was filled with stitched Santas.  Red accents and upholstery against cream and tan, you couldn't help but feel good when entering.  Even though the Santas were plentiful, the room didn't look seasonal because they blended so well with the color and needlework theme of the room.  Thirty some years ago and I still remember it.


So here's a look at some of my favorites, you've seen them before, that will be going back into their box soon.

I would love to take the trees down as some do the next day, but Mark does not agree.  Carole calls every day to see if I'm feeling better, if plans for our family Christmas dinner are made .  I would prefer Monday but with a mid afternoon doc appointment, that won't work.  So I guess it will be new year's eve and day.  

Petey boy is sitting right at the corner of my door and stretching his neck to look inside.  He stretched his massive gut across a thin fence rail in the nice weather yesterday. The orange cat we saw him roaming with months ago, is now his enemy.  He goes after him every time and we have no idea who he belongs to.

Holidays during the week really mess up our day clocks don't they?  I just saw the mail delivery truck, so I guess it's not Sunday.   Yay!  My back scratcher should be in my mail box.  I couldn't believe how difficult it was to find a decent one.  Added to an order from Kohl's, I got two, anxious to see the quality.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful.



diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I do agree that the clock seems to be a mess in this house, the Holidays are so full of preparations, visiting and other things I forget what day it is.
I am loving your Santa collection, I have many Santa's that were given as gifts they sit on shelves in my sewing room.
I do hope you are feeling better.
Happy New Year

Barb said...

I do love all your Santas. I know just what you mean they are out for such a short time. I do Halloween all the year in my craft room. Makes me happy to go in there!

Heritage Hall said...

You are sounding a bit more chipper, Marly, and I hope the throat is clearing up.
Take your time...the world will get along... I just love your Santas… the large
one on your masthead being my all time favorite. You are so talented...

Susan said...

Your Santas are beautiful! I love them all! Your mom's friend's room sounds like it was absolutely a wonderful place to relax and stitch in! I think I would leave some of the Santas out all year - they are too pretty to go back into a box! Hope you feel well enough to have your dinner on New Years.

C M Designs said...

I love your Santas. Have some on my tree and hate to put them away. I think about all of the "xs" and fun doing them. Each one has it's own personality.
I would love to have a room for just me and my stitching/sewing, etc. I've done Easter, Valentine's, Halloween, Fall and I love my Christmas ones.
Don't rush yourself with dinner. Feel much better before you put forth the energy for cooking. Special meals are enjoyed any time of the year.
I hope the day will come that Petey will be accepted by your kitties. Don't know what kind of solution that would take.
Prayers !
Charlotte in Va.

Sherry said...

You should leave your Santas out all year. I had a Santa collection that stayed out all year. An accident destroyed over half of them but I am thinking of starting my collection up again. I did enjoy it all year!

Annmarie said...

I'm a clear the deck after Christmas. Usually everything is put away and clean on Dec 26 since fresh greenery begins to get dry and is all over the place. However, last year and this one too, family has been gone since last Sunday so we're celebrating on New Year's Day. It's good.....makes me change and I'm with the idea that the best thing about Christmas is being with family so the date doesn't really matter. I'm so looking forward to our time together. I have to tell you how much I love the colors you choose for the fabric when doing your Santas. I'm pretty boring and have always chosen different colors of more. I will always consider other colors to make the Santa's special. Have a great celebration and hope you are feeling 100% soon.
Happy New Year

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I think you should aleast keep one or two Santas out. hope you feel better soon. Dinner can wait until you are better and rested. Happy New Year and a year where you all feel better. big hugs Lynda Ruth

Carol said...

Your Santas are so handsome, Marly! I feel the same way about mine--out of the big white under-the-bed box for a few weeks and then back into the darkness :( I probably could display them on the bookshelves in one of my sons' old bedrooms, but I probably won't. I hope you are feeling better each day. My middle son and I both came down with the flu the day after Christmas and I'm just now feeling well enough to do anything other than rest. Ugh! And yes, I had the flu shot... Oh, well, it may have been worse if I hadn't. Let's hope 2020 is good to both of us "seniors!" ♥

Darlene - OhioStitcher said...

Hi Marly,

Love the idea of a red & cream stitching room filled with Santas like your mom’s friend’s ♥️ Hope you are feeling better as you wind up 2019. I live in Trumbull County, very close to the PA border & always look for you when I’m out & about (so that if we ever meet it will seem organic & not that I’ve been stalking you lol!!).

Penny said...

Your Santa’s are wonderful. I tried to make a red and green extra bedroom here, so I could leave out many of my favorite Santa’s and Christmas things. It became the “catch-all” (as my mom would say) room. Womp, womp.

YES, you are so right. I have no idea what day it is.

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