Dec 8, 2019

Playing tag

Lord's Prayer, The - Cross Stitch PatternFirst off, Anna, you are no-reply so I cannot contact you.  In case you see this, here is the chart for the Lord's Prayer.

Yesterday I got the leaves done (damn last minute oaks), outside decorating, did the final shopping for Carole.  This afternoon will be cutting Carole's hair and house cleaning.  I worked on sizing more snippets for printing and hope to do that also.  Here's a few.  Some will print too dark and I think a few folk art tags would be nice too.   The tags are 1.75" x 2.75".
I remember a tree covered with my wooden floss tags, most folk art and some vintage Santas.  I must have added them to the others for sale.  I still have those files so if these result in poor quality, I'll just use the old ones and change to squares rather than full coverage.

Friday's trip to Cleveland was uneventful, just exhausting.  I don't know why but the car ride really wears us out.  Mark felt OK for the day but crashed when we got home.  Continued to worsen and is back in bed, it's now in his chest, seems to be the current flu.  So many people have it in PA, higher every year and this year is worse. Two of his friends are on medications and after 12 days, not much better.  All have had their shots.  I am in a holding pattern!  Continually using hand sanitizer.  My brother worked as a hospital guard for over 10 years dealing with ER and around other sick patients, never had a shot, never got the flu.  Currently the shot is mandated for workers. He thinks keeping his hands sanitized and turning back to coughs and sneezes is the reason.  If he couldn't turn, he held his breath.  When shopping, he goes as far as wiping ever edge of the cart, not just the handle.  If the check out clerk is sick, he wipes down every item when he gets home!  Yes, he is what some consider extreme, obsessive, but he's never sick!!  One time in over 30 years and he blames it on a very crowed veterinarian office.

Hope your weekend is going well!



Mugwump Woolies said...

Love those snippet pics! We just spent two nights in a hotel and I will be praying all week that we did not pick up someone else's bug. I scour a hotel room with Clorox wipes as soon as we walk in...remote, phone, any handle...doors, drawers...light switches, even the flusher on the commode. Nobody touches a thing until momma has done her sweep. How I wish you could come cut a few inches off my hair! I never have the energy at the end of the day to visit the salon for a cut.
Have good week,

Mary A said...

I like the snippets! Last winter, I got the flu so bad that I ended up in the ER with pneumonia. The flu shot last year wasn't very effective as they miscalculated which strain would hit. I hope this year their calculations are more precise. By the way, I picked up the flu virus while at Disneyland! Who goes to "the happiest place on Earth" sick?

Barb said...

Your brother is quite a wonder! I do think washing hands helps a lot. Hope poor Mark is better soon. The flu is horrid. So far it is not too bad out here.

Carol said...

So sorry to read that Mark has been hit so hard this year, Marly. I dread going out as you never know what germ you're bringing home, but, at this time of year, it's a necessity. Am driving up to mom's tomorrow and I'm sure I'll pick up something with all of those seniors in her senior living community :)

Heritage Hall said...

Prevention is the best cure....although I do not get the flu shot (too many negative reports on side effects and non prevention) I have not had the flu and
am diligent in taking vitamin supplements and elderberry syrup. Carol is right; it
is almost impossible to avoid going out this time of year...Hope Mark rebounds soon
and is feeling more than fit in time for the holidays. Good health and well being
to all.....

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