Dec 5, 2019


Bud is not happy that a tree in a bucket is on his lookout perch.

Petey is following me back to the house, so I started putting extra food closer.  Today the ground is covered with snow, and he blended so well I did not see him waiting for food.  He is a big boy and eating at least 2 cups of various dry foods and 1 can of Fancy Feast a day, plus a saucer of cream (yes, I know) and a dozen catnip Greenies.  Every brat loves them, like cat dope.

After breakfast, synchronized snoozing.

Mark is out of bed and still sick but slightly better, should be able to drive tomorrow.  As careful as I am, the bug has still jumped to me.  I will force Carole to wear a mask.



Krissy B. said...

You can tell Petey really wants to be close and I wonder what his life has been like to make him so afraid of everything. You are a great kitty spoiler. Love the chair shot. Keep me posted on the surgery. Safe travels. Hugs.

Vickie said...

You my friend, are just like my Mom. She has her various dishes she feeds the ferals. I am praying all goes well with Carol. And you. Take good care of YOU!

Rugs and Pugs said...

That's a lot of cat food. He must be a REALLY BIG boy!!!
Good luck tomorrow with Carole.

Mary A said...

I have been taking care of a stray/feral cat for over 10 years. Buy a humane live trap and start leaving food for Petey inside it. He will get comfortable and start eating inside it. Then if you ever have to take him to the vet, all you will have to do is set it with food and he will be caught. Stay well, Carole.

Anonymous said...

Marly, hope things go well with Carole, and you guys feel better. Petey will one day be a lap cat I predict. It may take a while, my boy didn't even purr for awhile now he is a major momma's boy. Petey needs a momma and you are it!

Truus said...

Hope you and Mark are well tomorow when driving Carole.
Good to see Petey getting closer to the house.
Take care of yourself Marly
Greetings, Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

Thoughts and prayers for you, Carole, Mark, Petey and your spoiled indoor kitties.
God bless all of you !
Charlotte in Va.

Karen said...

Well, you are truly a blessing to your fur friends and family. I enjoy the Cat Saga so much. You really are an inspiration even if some days works may feel like drudgery for you.

Karen in eastern North Carolina

Mary A said...

I forgot to add I love that postal Santa! I have the chart and now I just have to stitch him!

capecodgirl565 said...

Oh my goodness, you sure have your hands full Marly! If I didn't live in Illinois I would be coming over to give you a hand!! Hope the bug doesn't hit you too hard and that Mark feels better soon and Carole does well. Prayers!

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