Dec 4, 2019

The tree that never left

First it was puffed with batting and framed, followed by the addition of thin ribbons securing tiny bells and ornaments.  The frame and batting were removed, and I no longer wanted this tree.  But it kept showing up every Christmas and once I aged it with dye from the original off white, I liked it more.  It adorned the refrigerator for a time which I really liked, then the very large blue basket, always needing a backing and some way to affix.
 I used two threads pulled from the fringed edges for the hanger, and machine sewed a strip of boning to the top back.  Now it can be displayed just about anywhere without requiring support!  How many times I wanted to throw it out!  I think the new cabinet in the half bath would be a perfect spot.
I slipped this material into the top hem pocket on some of the larger samplers that are not framed and they've stay straight and aligned.  JoAnn carries it, don't remember if there was more than one type.

This tiny tree is 18" and I was lucky to find tiny ornaments several years ago at Kraynak's.  They are made of some sort of unbreakable, soft, yet sturdy material lightweight enough for the flimsy branches.

My surgery was cancelled once I was prepped.  He forgot to tell me to stop the Eliquis, which I assumed was not necessary since it's minor.  But he was not comfortable since there will be three incisions, so I had to reschedule.  This will make walking around Cleveland easier, but Mark is sick with a head cold and sinus headache, I may be driving.  Not good.  Since my accidents I am a nervous wreck and vision is also an issue.  How do you drive for almost 2 hours when drops need to be used every 15 minutes?  There is no pulling over on these roads!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Hope your day is going well!.



Barb said...

Thanks for that great suggestion on hanging stitched pieces. So sorry to hear you had your surgery cancelled after preparing for it! I do love that little tree, just right!

Heritage Hall said...

Praying you through until all is done... Take care ... Love the tree and miniature ornaments and many thanks for the support idea on the embroidered tree.

Mary said...

Sorry procedure was cancelled, I know no one what surgery but when you get mentally ready it is annoying to reschedule! Love your little trees, I have yet to put up my new feather tree maybe this weekend. I have accumulated quite a few little ornaments over the years it should be fine. Debating getting tiny garland, probably not.

Maureen said...

Captain Obvious here I know but boy you have a stressful life. I cannot do that drive into Cleveland. I will be praying for you all

C M Designs said...

So sorry your surgery was cancelled. I would hate that after getting myself prepared mentally.
Love your little tree and tiny ornaments. Also love the stitched tree.
I hope you'll have a safe trip to Cleveland. Prayers !
Charlotte in Va.

diamondc said...

Marly: I am so sorry you had your surgery cancelled.
be careful driving without the drops.


Truus said...

Love your little tree and hangers and great tip for hanging stitched pieces!
Take care when driving the car and will send you gardian angels.
Big hug and take care!
Greetings Truus from Holland

moosecraft said...

Absolutely love that little glad it did not get thrown out! Wishing you safe travels...

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