Mar 9, 2020

A few boxes

will be offered this weekend or maybe before.  I have three large, three medium, three small rounds.  These are much bigger than previous offers (10.5" x 5" high and 9" x 4").  They have thicker walls and are really sturdy, leftovers from many years ago.  I may decide to keep one for myself!   I am not starting this again, just finishing off my inventory.  Paypal no longer allows shipping labels to be printed unless you have a business account.  One agent told me as long as there is a payment you can, but another said not unless I change my account.  It was easier before!!  Maybe the postal service didn't like the reduced rates?

I am anxious to get several charts from the needlework show but have to wait like everyone else.  Becky's darling sampler is not listed on several pre-order sites so I must practice patience until it appears.  I was disappointed in the videos, saw only a few, and one did not offer the designers of the shown pieces so I have no idea how to order.

Very warm and nice today as was yesterday but no rides or outside sitting is possible.  I just can't take the sun even with the darkest of lenses.  No stitching can take place when the irritation is this high but the good news - no stitching means no more errors!!!

Have a great day folks!



Mary said...

Oh my, I do not have any painted that super mustard color. I will be check back often.

Joanie said...

I got a lot of previews from shops. If you are on instagram, Brenda Gervais did a lovely job of previewing hers. I think that most shops have Market stuff up on their websites now.

I love your boxes. I wish I wasn't in a 'purge the whole house" mood. I would purchase one of them for sure! Especially love the mustard house!

C M Designs said...

Your boxes are beautiful. I have several of yours but they are much smaller. love them.
I sure did enjoy getting outside yesterday. Transplanted two small azaleas and pulled lots of garlic. Don't know how to get rid of it unless I dig it out.
Sure do wish you could get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.
Thinking of you !
Charlotte in Va.

Vera said...

Your boxes are gorgeous Marly and I love the ones I have!!

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