Mar 31, 2020


Didn't expect two orders in one day and so soon!   My small linen piece is the same as I ordered a few years back, Lambswool in 35 count.  My older one is lighter and pinker, the new one (same color) is darker and nicer.  Here's the difference in the old and new, I like them both.
And this is Lambswool compared to Weeks Dye Work's Beige.  One of my favorites, it leans toward green, even more than this photo.  I'm anxious to see the Winter Brew in a few days.

I adore Nash's Paisley and always have.  Lots of fill-in stitching which is fine.  All the samplers will be great and one will be chosen for the next project.  Paisley will be a summer project, easy to stitch while relaxing on a swing.

Hannah Jenkinson from Nash (photo from Country Sampler) will be stitched on a lighter linen than called for.  

The only disappointment is the Hinkling chart.  It is high quality paper and the detailed chart is over 10 pages, very nice.  But one color is a very light gray and I really can't see it unless pulled close to my face.  Even then the satin stitch lines are almost unreadable so I have to choose a color and fill this in myself.  Do not like marking a chart but the faint lines will not transfer to a working copy (which looks like a child's coloring book when I'm done).  

I love this sampler and I think it will be stitched next. 

Have a good day buds!!  Be well.



Mary said...

I have noticed some chart are very light, I always make a working copy so I can mark it up. I also cut it up so I can ( using needle minder) attach to my work. Sorry designer needs must. I use a standing hoop, Husband think I have a lot of them. Tell me 5 is not a lot right? Nope I see another so that is 6 plus a small scroll frame. That has a Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler still on it I should get back to it. It is Freelove Hazard 1792 a RI piece too. Enjoy playing with new fabric.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, that looks like a happy mail day! I ordered GA Mountain Mist from half a dozen places I think, hoping that one will be the "old" version in the tone and variation I started my current project with. None have arrived yet. (Tell me Nod isn't aptly named LOL). Me thinks I will have lots of Mountain Mist to get rid of very soon. Am anxious to see the Hickling sampler....I haven't seen any photos of it...even did a few searches and came up with nothing. Another dreary day here... Stitch on ~ Robin

Rugs and Pugs said...

You're giving me the itch to stitch!

Barb said...

Your are looking at some very interesting samplers and linen. It is so hard to order linen without seeing it. I got a half yard of vintage light examplery and it is sitting in my linen chest. Way too pink for my taste! I am not a pink or purple person. I always sub those colors!

Truus said...

Your linen is lovely.
A pity that you have to color in that piece of the chart.
I always make a copy of the chart so I can write which colors I changed into the used colornumber. The original chart will stay clean.
Stay save and healthy and take care!
Greetings, Truus from Holland

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