Apr 1, 2020

I said six feet!

No one listens to me.

Another rainy morning.

Its always a good day when your border meets.  The pink dog at the top was to be carrying the basket and the date stitched to its left.  I don't like current dates so I've omitted and moved the basket over to compensate.  Not much left to do before starting the house which I'm sure will take some time.

Mark is out for the weekly shopping, I am still not well enough and shouldn't be spreading my germs.  No testing. Not necessary.  No fever and am improving.  

We're painting the trim on the second level and changing the door hardware to black.  My knobs on the first floor were purchased long ago from Emtek, black wrought iron, but are very pricey today.  So I opted for black with a similar rectangular rosette in a standard knobset.  I will try to sell the other oil rubbed bronze from Emtek that we are replacing.  Whoops.  I forgot about that blue project case I was to offer.  I think I boxed it for shipment and if I don't see something, I will forget about it entirely.

Stay safe.


Vickie said...

I love pink dogs!!

Heritage Hall said...

Love the new mast heading...So glad to hear you are feeling better and staying out of harm's way. The new project is coming along nicely...and you are still in one
piece... The felines have the right idea of dealing with life's happenings. Have
a blessed day all.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The sampler is looking good. So happy no issues with the border.
I love your new header sampler!!!
Glad you are staying home. Be safe and stay healthy.

Mary said...

I am always in awe of stitcher who do borders first, not me i do as I go along . I do not have the much confidence in my counting. I Went to CVS today to pick up Husband meds, he cannot dangerous, heart and emphysema. I tried to figure out how to get delivery which is offered but must have made a mistake . Will try next time a refill is ended. I will say this there were only two other people in store. They seem to have marked off with bright pink tape where to stand at Pharmacy counter. Funny the only other place marked with pink tape is the candy aisle. Big X six feet apart. I did a package of bagels though hahaha. Take care all.

Barb said...

That sampler is looking good. It is always good when the borders meet!

debbie haggard said...

so glad to hear you are feeling better! Love both the new header sampler and the one you are stitching!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yes, a good day indeed LOL. I always struggle with that whole date thing. I'm not a huge fan of "current" dates, but the made-up "old" dates seem kind of deceptive...like screaming "I am a reproduction!" LOL...but, alas, I always seem to include them. The last pinkeep I did (Set Free), I changed the date to the year of my mum's birthday. Not sure why...maybe given the bird affiliation with my name, the whole "set free" thing, whatever...but dang...it changed the counting and spacing and I was muttering under my breath when I realized that. But all is well. Glad you're on the road to improvement. Sampler is looking fine indeed. And, ok...now I have to go back and look at your header since several have commented on it...that's how observant I am...yikes. ~Robin~

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yup....very cool. Love the Adam and Eve's and the saying....

C M Designs said...

Sheldon's mood depends on whether there will be "social distancing" or not.......most of the time not. Right now one is at the head of my bed, the other, Pippa, is at the foot.
Need some floss to do two small charts so guess I'll have to find something else to do until I feel safe going to Michael's. Or, find a PS chart to do......have all of the colors I need for PS Santas.
So glad you're feeling better. I hope Mark will stay well ! ! ! !
Gov. Cuomo said, this morning, that he doesn't think we'll ever get back to "normal".
Jill will be working from home until June 10, per our Governor. Finally got her to use my Keurig instead of going to 7-11.
Enjoy your new sampler ! Wish I could do the small stitches.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Marly, knocking it out the park with your stitching. Kitties are beautiful, but when do cats ever listen? LOL. Hope you continue to feel better.

Carol said...

Glad you are improving, Marly--this warmer, sunny weather will surely help, too!

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