Mar 14, 2020


Hi folks.  I have the boxes listed on the For SALE tab, haven't worked out prices because the ridiculous shipping costs were unexpected.  Sunday before noon I will add the prices and the sale will be Sunday evening starting at 8pm.  I may get some boxed and shipped Monday before my vein procedure but Tuesday is Cleveland Clinic, won't be home until late afternoon.  

I saw these on IG and ordered two from Buttermilk Cottage.  These perfectly sewn bags with clear fronts are made with heavy drapery fabric.  Only 8"x10", too small for a large project but perfect for a small, or scissors and threads and necessities.  My Magma's magnetic board holds my chart and needle, this bag will hold all else and fits neatly inside.  

The bags are very reasonable at $8 and very nicely made.  I would prefer the zipper be an inch higher but that's me!  Very happy with them.  

Hope everyone is well and has toilet paper.  


1 comment:

CathieJ said...

I like that bag. I hope everyone stays healthy by you. Take care.

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