Apr 8, 2020

Lightning and thunder and wind, oh my

What a storm we had.  A few trees came down, limbs all over.  I was so worried about Petey because he left here shortly before it hit.  He just recovered from a bad left paw and now the right is hurting him.  Most times he is on three legs.  Looks a little better today as he and his buddy Bud relax in the sun.

Went to Walmart with my mask this morning.  Not many people, 90% with masks, and I couldn't wait to get out of there.  I used the lightweight fusible interfacing, recommended for additional protection since moisture doesn't go through it, and although I could breathe easily, it was HOT!  I need to wear dark glasses in stores, and couldn't because of them fogging.  Would just two layers of cotton be the same?   They were low on many items but I did get frozen veggies and cat foods, eye drops and toothpaste.  I wanted to stop in the Dollar store for a pack of elastic headbands hoping to find them there, the recommended place, maybe tomorrow.

I made a few of this style (called 3D) and they are more comfortable with extra room at the mouth area and a nice fit at the edge.  This is the last time I will bore you with masks since we've all seen the videos and styles over and over!  But this is my favorite, made several ways, and I found a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdnkuBd-cr8) with the absolute easiest method.  I have them ready for whenever I find a suitable cording for the ears. Chris has a very short but thick beard that I didn't take into account so he needs longer elastic which I am out of.  The ties don't stay up because he shaves his head, nothing to grab.  Speaking of heads, Mark cut my hair.  With how thin it is getting and fine it's become, length accentuates both.  It's short now!!

We are getting take out to help business and drive thru drinks for a treat and tipping the workers.  Two iced coffees this morning and the young lady did not want to take the tip, said it was her job!!  Hubby browsed golf sites and bought a new bag on sale, I browsed 123 and got four pieces of linen and the Sewing Club book.  I never bought the BBD books before because as fabulous as the designs are, they aren't marking samplers.  Or santas.  But there is usually one design in each book that I really like, this time two.  Soooooo I bought it.  Haven't purchased much in recent years and even got rid of linen, was shocked at how the tally adds up when it's more than two items!

I hope to be able to stitch this evening, this flare up is more severe than before.  

Have a comfortable day!  I put jeans on this morning.  Holy ham hocks.  Not good.

Stay safe!!



deb said...

I like that mask design, so I'm very glad you've continued to try different ones and report on them (ugh, turn off work brain!) - thanks!

BBD book - I've never been tempted by one of their books before, but this one is being very hard to resist! Will enjoy watching what you make from it.

Pam in IL said...

We've been making masks here also. My daughter has been using 3 layers of fabric and I have been using the interfacing. You are definitely correct - breathability was good but the mask is HOT! I like the one you linked to and am going to make a few of those. I'm still looking for a mask that fits well, allows me to breathe and doesn't put too much pressure across the bridge of my nose.

I found some elastic headbands at our Dollar General. Some other people making masks are using the headbands to go from one end (side) of the mask to the other so the two elastic straps go around the head instead of around the ears. I tried that on one mask and it was too tight for me. If I use the headbands in that way again, I will have to make the sides of the mask longer. I also saw somewhere, you can cut loops from the part of a sock that goes around your foot. I haven't tried that yet.

If keeping the loops around the ears are a problem, you can cut a piece of ribbon about 3 inches long, sew a button on each end and loop the elastic round each button so the ribbon rests on the back of the head. You can adjust the length of the ribbon to get a proper fit.

Ginny said...

I understand that if your glasses fog up while you’re wearing a mask it means the mask is not tight enough across the bridge of your nose. I have been making the ones you linked to from The Fabric Patch and wore one for the first time on Monday. I did have slight fogging of my glasses so next time I’ll try adjusting the wire piece differently.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sorry to read of the tree damage...and poor Petey's continuing woes (as well as yours...hope that flare decides to undo its grip on you). We had a very windy day here too...guess it's bringing in colder temps (back to the 30's...and snow for Easter). I ventured out today for a grocery run as all the pick up slots were filled for the next 5 days. (Really?? I think they should start giving preference on those to us elderly and high risk folks. Night owls like me would much prefer that to a crack of dawn shopping hour.). Anyways...I digress. Was a bit frustrated.... I am particular to certain brands in certain items and of course they were not to be had...and even though I would hae taken any brand of toilet paper at this point, there was none to be had. Come on people...I'm beginning to hope those who hoard it choke on it. I know...nasty...but I don't abide selfishness to the detriment of others very well. And I repeat...you're a snow for getting that BBD book for yourself. Really. Good luck on the hunt for elastic! ~Robin~

C M Designs said...

So glad Petey and Bud are "buds". I hope Petey's foot/feet will heal and he'll be okay.
Wish I could trust someone here to cut my hair........may do it my self. I agree about the long hair and thinning.
Made two masks from a pair of socks. Jill had bought two N whatever masks years ago when she was helping with the yard. She uses one of those.
Had a beautiful day here, yesterday, Wed., I think, LOL. Jim cut the front yard for the first time in ages.....so glad he did. I cut the back, did know if I had the stamina but I did just fine. Made me feel good.
Take care, be well.
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

Try pulling your mask just a bit farther down your nose to prevent the fogging. I had the same problem until I read where someone suggested that.

JustGail said...

It occurred to me last night while making a ear loop mask for DH - the whole ear loop doesn't need to be elastic. I think it would work to make the part around the ears out of T-shirt (nice and soft) and attach the elastic bits only to the mask. I didn't try it, but will later today. I had to make larger masks to account for DS's beard also.

Poor Petey, at least he and Bud seem to have an understanding now. It would be nice if he (and "our" Stubby) would realize life could be so much nicer if they let us catch them for treatment and a few cuddles.

I had been waffling on getting my hair (*almost* to my waist) cut for donation, that decision has been taken out of my hands for a while. I wonder how long before DH will be asking where the clippers are so I can do his hair again. I used to cut/clip his years ago.

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