Apr 9, 2020

Thread sale!

Good morning stitching buds!  Late last night I saw on IG that Colour & Cotton was offering their 8 yard overdyed threads on sale for $2.00 until supply is gone.  They are changing over to a new tag and all skeins on the old tags are reduced.  I ordered a bunch!  There is no equivalent to DMC or GAST so I just flew by the seat of my pants, which can keep me airborne for quite some time.  A really good deal, and there are LOTS of colors left on sale but going fast.


or the smaller view to get through quicker


Yes!!  They are going that fast!!



Mary said...

Thank you for notice of sale, I have been trying to pick a color for a Bristol sampler and choose Carmine, I bought 10 skeins, because who know how much I will need. Initially I pick out all sorts of colors. The realized I do not change colors on patterns ( unless I do not have a color) and they would look nice hanging on a ring...I did not need them.Trying to be responsible kind of anyway. Take care.

Georgia said...

Thanks for the heads up! Can't believe how few colors are left.

Barbara said...

I did take advantage of the price and thank you for the enabling.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You must stop tempting me!!!
I will be strong...I will be strong! By the time I return to the site they will hopefully be gone 🤔

TheCrankyCrow said...


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