Apr 2, 2020

Winter Brew

Delightful!  I love it.   For those of you wondering about the difference in some neutrals, this may help a little.

All 35/36 count

Far left - R&R Winter Brew
Second from left - Lambswool
Third from left - unbleached natural
Right edge, Weeks Dye Works Beige

The overdyed threads from Colour & Cotton are very nice, very subtle.  I don't think there would be a problem wondering if colors would have radical variations if ordering online.

Have a good day!!



Janet said...

Thanks so much! I have often wished for comparison photos!

Robin in Virginia said...

Marly, thanks for the fabric line-up! That Winter Brew is a lovely color!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ooooo...that Winter Brew IS yummy! What are you using that for again? (Yeah, got a short memory thing going on these days...) I'm going to do a screen shot of your photo and label the linens and save it for future reference...very helpful provided I remember where I "file" the photo and if I even remember I HAVE the photo. ~Robin~

Mary said...

Thank you for comparison photo. I took a screen shot too, closet thing to having a LNS near by. Since none of out can go out ( we all should be home) this would be great if all online shops did this. Back to all stay home, except essentials the list should be small, amazingly some people think "They "are essential. Come on now who needs a lawyer to remain open, can never figure out why gun shops are open amazing! Be well all.

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