Jun 24, 2020

Little red steps

While in the attic trying to decide what stays and what goes, I came across mom's little red steps.  How stinkin' cute.  I had her other fold out stool but have no idea where it went.  This is stationary with the hinged top to open when using the steps, or not when using as a stool.  I hosed the dust off and saw that the red paint is chipping to show white beneath, maybe the pressure washer will remove most of it.  Probably oil based since that's all they used back then.   My small kitchen cannot take even a small piece like this, but I may be able to set it by the back door.


I also found a huge glass apothecary jar with lid, a small square table needing rid of that same red paint, and a few other items for donation. I have a very heavy writing chair from a school with shelf beneath for books and it's so comfortable, also an old lift top child's desk with fancy cast iron legs.  No where for them to go.

This is what we had to do for Petey.  He doesn't want to use his rain protected housing out back, prefers to stay close to the house and he was using a box beneath a makeshift roof, covered with a vinyl tablecloth to keep it all dry.  
I don't want to look at that mess all summer so I moved the brats shelter (my black table with paneling nailed to three sides) over to that area.   His box is there for him and the upper shelf is where the boys lounge.   My oil cloth covering from JoAnn's makes it more appealing, and I couldn't think of another shelter during storms and rains that would not look like a homeless shelter for cats.
We're getting a new furnace and air conditioner, need a garage door badly, and are still waiting for an insurance policy of Mark's aunt.  Even with a will, an attorney, all the necessary paperwork, the PA unclaimed property office has had this for over a year and still hasn't reviewed it.  It's a few thousand and we expected to have it long ago, especially with her will!!  But no.  That's my PA.  And even though it's life insurance which is exempt from tax, PA will still take 15% inheritance tax on it since they hold it now.  I promised Carole a grand so after the attorney and fees and taxes, she may be the only one benefiting!!

Removing the satin stitch letters is very tedious, even with the Lift 'n Snips.  Without them, there would be no way for removal.  JoAnn's did not have the seam ripper with the rubber end for cut thread removal (thank you Marlene) so I ordered one.  If it doesn't arrive soon, duct tape!!

Happy hump!



Rugs and Pugs said...

You are so good to your furbabies. They know a good home when the find one :)
Gotta love the government...not. Imagine if there was no will???
Sweet memories associated with the red steps.

Robin in Virginia said...

The red little steps is a beautiful piece. What a lovely kitty hotel you have created for the 'brats'! And before I forget, Happy belated birthday to you, Marly!

Ms Peppercorn said...

The Red Steps are a treasure. My father had a front license plate that read, “Pennsylvania Land of Taxes”

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sweet stepping stool....and I'd love to see that chair with the shelf below! Quite the clever...and trendsetting...cat shelter you have there. Lucky Petey! Ok....so, I know my law degree is from Wisconsin, but what the devil does the office of unclaimed property have to do with insurance proceeds when there was a will? Are they saying because insurance proceeds pass outside the will there is a problem? Mark wasn't the named beneficiary??? I know...too many questions. Sorry. I know how pricey new furnaces and air conditioning systems are...unfortunately. Still haven't found a lift n' snip...I guess they don't make them the way they used to. ~Robin~

Barb said...

That little red stool is so cute! We could have a contest to see where we pay more taxes, your state or mine!

debbie haggard said...

Your attic sounds like a real treasure trove of wonderful things. The red steps will make a great plant stand!

Beyda'nın Kitaplığı said...

Kırmızı çok güzel. Üstü de masa olabiliyor.

C M Designs said...

Sounds like your Mom was a lover of red, like me. Cute step/stool. I know about small kitchens too.
Petey is one blessed kitty. Love your patio/home/shelter for him. We have a big cardboard box under my big square oak table in family room for Sheldon to play in. They both love boxes of any shape or size.
Your petunias are lovely.
I hope your new AC unit can be put in on a cool day.
We had to have a new one several years ago and it was hot as "blazes" the day it was installed. Sheldon and Pippa suffered as much as the three of us.
I hope the will/money situation can be straightened out promptly.
Take care
Charlotte in Va.

Carol said...

Oh, those little red steps are darling--have never seen that idea before, but it sure makes sense. I think I need my husband to build me something like that for my kitchen. The older I get, the shorter I get and it is so hard to reach the top shelves (well, actually, it's impossible now!). It's always fun to see what things an attic holds. When we were cleaning up my mom's attic after they sold my childhood home, we came upon a box of bones! Yes, a full skeleton was in there from my Dad's medical school days. It had been there since they moved in in 1960, but none of us kids ever came upon it while we played up there in the summers :)

You are so good to those kitties--it warms my heart ♥

And yes, my tax accountant husband says we have to get out of PA before we die!

Vickie said...

The little red steps are wonderful! And so it Petey's new setup! :)

Anonymous said...

Marly, sampler looks good!! Love the PeteyHome, he is something else. We lived in PA in the 70's graduated HS there. Remembered they use to call potholes, Schapholes. Anywho, hope all is peaceful.

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